ORGAN THING: One week until Record Store Day, Grow Hackney’s DIY Art and Vinyl market, Vinyl Pimp and meanwhile down the Hackney Road, Knight Terror, black metal and the Crypt of The Wizard…



inside the Crypt Of The Wizard, Hackney Road, East London

So we’re walking down the Hackney Road, coming back from the Semi Skimmed opening amongst other things, art-dropping, well carefully placing, these things are never dropped, always carefully placed, we’re walking home, minding our own business when without warning, a metal attack, it struck me like a Sledgehammer, or something like that, “Oi! Are you a metalhead, is that a Sabbath shirt?”, It wasn’t actually, it was an old faded paint-encrusted Peaceville Records shirt that looks rather like a Volume 4 Sabbath shirt, we’re plied with free beer and dragged into a dark looking shop, well we know the shop already, it makes us smile every time we pass it, what is that doing here, sticking out like an extreme metal sore thumb next to all the annoying coffee shops and the overkill of hipster barbers. it was almost 10pm on a cold Thursday night, the shop is painted blacker than a Bathory album. Hackney’s finest record shop by miles, The darkness of Crypt of The Wizard was full of patch covered denim cut-offs,and hair and loud music last Thursday night, they were celebrating one year of the shop’s existence, that and the launch of their record label and a seven inch slice of vinyl from New York’s Knight Terror.


Knight Terror sound like a throwback, and yes, like early Venom, this what we want from a record shop, the first time I heard Venom was in my brilliant small-town local record shop, it was lunch hour, I went in there most lunch hours back then, no time for school dinner or trivia like that, get to the record shop, see what’s new, they get a delivery every Wednesday morning!, what’s new? – “We’ve got an awful record in” said the guy behind the counter, “dreadful thing, you’ll like it, awful noise, I’ll play it once just for you and that’s it, if you don’t buy it it goes in the bin”, everyone hated it, customers complained, I loved it of course, still do, Venom’s first single, nothing had been that raw and heavy up until that point, bands like Tank or Raven were about as heavy as it got, there were a few hardcore punk bands who almost hit the spot, they were fast, raw, they had the attitude, but they weren’t heavy enough, there was the glorious beauty of Motorhead of course but there was nothing like that first Venom single back there. There’s been a million shades of black metal or raw bits of Hellhammer or Discharge or Warfare or who knows who or what. That was the beauty of a real independent record shop, your shop, where they knew your tastes, they knew their shit, they might detest your tastes, but they saved things for you, “you’ll like this one” or “I saved the new Fist single for you” or…


Crypt Of The Wizard, Hackney Road, East London

So down the Hackney Road, just over from the farm and alongside the over-priced coffee shops and cupcake-peddles stands a proper record shop, not some hipster vinyl place, a proper record shop, a metal shop and last Thursday they were kicking off their record label with a seven inch from New York’s Knight Terror – “The band was formed in the year 2007 in Portland Oregon by Curt and Cole. The duo each chose an instrument of unfamiliarity to create the original primitive style while continuing down the sonic path of Mayhem’s deathcrush ep and Hellhammer’s satanic rites. After years of zero focus, living on different coasts and hitting a few life bottoms, the boys were ready to get serious bringing their raw, shabby, necromagnon basement metal to the stage and record. In 2017 they recruited in the ancient one, Dimmn’r to fulfil bass duties thus creating the current power trio. No frills, no flash, the band is currently running at full speed ready to set the stage as the opening act for the end of the world….” – they described things just right there, a no thrills, no messing, raw basic proper old school metal, you can hear it via Knight Terror’s bandcamp, but hey, a download won’t do, get to your local record shop and order a copy, or get along the Hackney Road…   Crypt of The Wizard


Meanwhile over in Hackney Wick there’s a rather different beast of a record shop called Vinyl Pimp and for this year’s Record Store day, next Saturday, April 21st, Vinyl Pimp are collaborating with Grow Hackney


Grow, Hackney Wick

For Record Store Day’s Grow’s regular DIY Art Market will be a Vinyl Special, “Once a month at Grow we have Grow’s DIY Art Market where local artists get together to sell their handmades and other bits and bobs. Artists are not charged for tables and take 100% proceeds from their sales. For this month’s event, we’re teaming up with Vinyl Pimp as they celebrate Record Store Day just around the corner so in addition to art work, local artists and musicians are bringing their records so you can add a bargain to your collection. Stall holders and friends will also take to the decks on rotation until Vinyl Pimp take over with their after-party from 8pm. From the bar, we have craft and organic drinks, including house organic wine, prize winning lagers and ales, fair trade tea and coffee and cakes and Slow Fire London’s seasonal menu, which is freshly prepared in the Grow canal side kitchen”.


Some recycled hand-painted SW vinly heading for Grow’s Art Market this Saturday

The event opens at 1pm, the art and vinyl market goes on until 6pm, then Vinyl Pimp take over from 8pm with DJs playing late on into the night

ARTISTS & DJs SELLING & PLAYING – Pete O’ Dublo, Mai Nguyen Tri w/ War Is Illegal, E9makers, Julia Maddison, Alicia Roy, Valeria Nicolucci, Reuben Jacobs, Giulia Vitiello, Theo Fabunmi-stone, Marco Maiolica, Joel Smith, Jordanna Greaves, Jason Lee Thraves, Sean Worrall, Cathryn Miles Griffiths, Kofi Boamah and more….

About Grow, Hackney: “Carved out of an old sausage factory, Grow has been transformed into an independent canal side bar, kitchen and creative space. It was built, and is run by a small team. We operate as a ethical and sustainable business and rely on the creative sharing economy of Hackney Wick and the surrounding area. We pay London Living Wage UK and partner with artists, musicians, DJ’s and community groups to and hold as many free events as we can. We have a range of craft and organic drinks at the bar and Slow Fire London serve a seasonal menu freshly prepared in the canalside kitchen”

About Vinyl Pimp: “Since 2007 Vinyl Pimp has been the best vinyl resell agent in the UK, dedicated to help individual collectors, DJ’s and companies. They are the number 1 seller on Discogs Marketplace and can assure every item will be sold at the current market price. The vinyl Pimp retail shop is based in Hackney Wick, East London”

The DIY Art and Vinyl Market happens at from 1pm until 6pm on Saturday April 21st, the Facebook event page is here. Find  Grow at 98C Main Yard, Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, E9 5LN. Just two minutes walk from Hackney Wick Overground and 10 mins walk from Stratford.

GROW / GROW on Facebook / VINYL PIMP / VINYL PIMP on Facebook

Here;s some painted vinyl from a couple of year’s back, hopefully see one of two of you next Saturday (sw)



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