ORGAN THING: CXR are not a band, well they say they’re not, they’re our musical thing of the day today though, right up our fractured street…


A #365ArtDrop18 piece, one of 365 painting in 2018, 365 painting left hanging during 2018, this one on a bridge for someone to take should they wish to…

Organ Thing of The Day? Where were we, Monday? Blacking out in a red room or something,  that and thinking about London Bridge falling down. This e.mail communication message just landed from a band called XCR (they’re not a band though, they said they weren’t a band). They want a review, fair enough, but we don’t need to review it though do we? Like we keep saying, who needs music reviews these days? All you need to know is that if we post it it we consider worth your time and effort, we’re not here to waste your time (or indeed ours). Never heard of these guys until around ten minutes ago,, know nothing aboum besides what they said in the e.mail that jsut came in but hey, they sound good on this head-pecking sunny Monday morning. Why the hell are people sleeping on the street outside empty new-build flats that people can’t afford here in East London? London Bridge really is falling down…


Where were we? Monday morning, at last, some good music just landed, nothing decent all weekend, nothing decent in the pile we’ve already gone through today, we’re getting a lot of “nice” music sent to us at the moment, nice polite music, the kind of thing your mum would declare to be “nice”.  Our in-boxes are cluttered up with the “Nice” of it all, with PR companies telling us “you’re going to love this one, this is right up Organ’s street”. No it damn well isn’t! it isn’t even in the same town, you clearly have no idea what’s down our street! Is this what the hipster coffee-drinking generation are listening to? So damn “nice”, so damn “polite”, so damn insipid and safe and devoid of anything even slightly dangerous,

Got asked to go paint at an awfully polite looking middle class festival the other day, the type that’s as clean as a clown in a peanut shop (or what ever that irritating woman keep saying about something or other on the television), had a listen to some of the bands playing, NO! How dare you invite me to come paint! What an insult! And here comes some more polite twee Radio Six coffee drinking music, watered down polite beard-growing Mumfords playing coffee roasting houses for people who take photos of their food, I detest these bands, i detest your coffee houses and your festivals, I dislike your beards and your shoes and your bands and your tattoos and your food photos, go away! None of this is “right up Organ’s street”. It floods in here on the hour, dozens of e,mails every hour, “you’ll love this one, do you want a guest list place, can you come review it, you’ll love it” NO! NO NO NO! Flip off, and no, I don’t care how much you’ll pay me, I’m not coming to paint at your festival.  No I don’t want your e.mails or your bands, please go away, or at least work out what really might be “right up our street”.

Thankfully, now and again it is worth the effort of running a fractured mouse over a link. This just came in, now this is right up out street (actually they are playing on our street soon), CXR, never heard of ’em, here’s what they said (on the other side of that photo of a man who would never dream of taking a photo of his food) , you don’t need a review, the music is down there further down the page, just fire it up, if we didn’t think it was worth it then it wouldn’t be on this page…


“Dear Organ Zine, We are CXR, a DIY no-wave/noise group from London. Our new record Hard Time Killin Floor Blues is out now and available to stream via Blank Editions, and we thought you might like to listen. Many thanks, CXR” You see, that’s what we want, bands who have bothered to look down our street and bother to see what we do like to shout about, here’s a bit more about what they said – “CXR is breakneck punk thru viewfinders of Artaudian performance art and political disrupt. CXR likes Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Arab On Radar, Psychic TV, Rosa Yemen, Siri Hustvedt, This Heat, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Sonic Youth. Expect monthly communiqués detailing live appearances, civil disturbance and news from warzones everywhere. CXR is not a band”.

Enough of their words though, here’s the music, do what you will with it…


Now that is what we need on a Monday morning and this Blank Editions label looks rather healthy as well, wholesome stuff, stick that in your beard with your roasted coffee. Hand on, pigeon at the door, must be Eleven O’Clock  Not sure about all this cassette nonsense though, who the hell has a cassette player these days?  What next, an Eight Track cartridge and a Ford Cortina 2000 E with one of those overdrive buttons? Lights out of the strip, back in a bit, XCXR are our recommended Organ thing of the Day today, right up our street…

CXR live dates

1st June – Paper Dress, London
22nd June  – The Social, London
12th July – Shacklewell Arms
24th July – Venue TBC, Cardiff



that nice polite Napalm Death lot  in tasteful t-shirts on the TV


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