ORGAN THING: Lo-fi baroque queercore? This tastes good, who is Velodrome? Dream Nails? Sir Lancelot? Buddy Holly? Here’s the debut single…


His Physique is apparently a “progressive/psychedelic lo-fi rock song”, His Physique is also the debut single from “DIY Queer artist and multi-instrumentalist” Velodrome. Seems she has been exploring her fascination with “queering” the male figure, from Renaissance paintings through to pop culture icons. With her acrobatic vocals, Velodrome is a classically trained singer, she describes her sound as “Kate Bush meets Queens of the Stone Age”, not really hearing Queens in there but we can hear lots of good things, maybe Kate Bush meets Extra Life via a touch of Sparks? Maybe a touch of… Actually does it matter what we can hear in there, she has a slight raw DIY blend all of her own. The rather homemade DIY video explores some of the images that inspire the song, Velodrome, or should we call her Katherine Christie Evans, steps into the shoes of male protagonists, from Sir Lancelot to Narcissus by the lake; a lovelorn gay monk in a monastery; a medieval minstrel; Buddy Holly, to Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, here comesd the video and the song itself


Velodrome is an experimental rock project brought to you by DIY artist Katherine Christie Evans; “a Queer songwriter, guitarist, bassist and drummer. She combine her baroque vocals, layers of melody & quirky lyrics with a lo-fi, retro aesthetic. “Velodrome is an artist working at the intersections of feminism, social inequality, mental health and queer visibility”, the last time we encountered her she was helping to power along the live Dream Nails sound, “Katherine is the former bass player with self-styled Feminist punk witches Dream Nails, she toured Europe and the UK with them in 2017 while getting up to a whole host of musical things besides.


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