ORGAN PREVIEW: All aboard for the 2018 Art Car Boot Fair, tickets are now on sale – “get your tickets to secure your place at the art world’s most exuberant event!”



The Art Car Boot Fair is always an adventure, the annual London events, the visits to Liverpool, Folkestone, Margate or wherever we may go. Last year the London leg took place South of the river down in Vauxhall, a move away from the Art Car Boot Fair spiritual home of Brick Lane. Brick Lane isn’t really an option now as developers grab every spec of land and more and more unaffordable flats go up, the changing shape of the city means that this year we’re on the move again – a year that the organisers have described as one of transition – sees the Art Car Boot Fair head to new lands and a place where roads and rivers meet, this year we all head for Kings Cross and this year a little bit later than usual, the fair happens in September.

And this year for the first time the event is ticketed, from what we can gather, this means the will still be the traditional line of early birds (always amazed when we artists turn up around 8am to set up and see the big lines of people, kind of looks like fun actually and it is always appreciated), this year, those holding tickets in the queue will get in first before those hoping to pay on the door. You can still pay on the door on the day but tickets are advised. The fair will run once again from midday until 6pm, accompanied under 16s get in free, (do bring ID if you one of those 14 year olds who look like they might be 18), and I probably shouldn’t mention it but entry is free after 5pm for those who just want to catch the last hour and suck up the atmosphere and the music as well as the last of the art. The full list of artists will be announced in about a month so we’re told, expect a lot of the usual suspects as well as some new exciting names.

And so the point is, this year, tickets are on sale (this year there are no sponsors so advance ticket sales helps cover all the costs in a big way, the production, the venue hire, buying advance tickets will be much appreciated and help the fair evolve), tickets are on sale via this link

“Established in 2004 as an informal and unique cross of an art fair and a car boot sale, the Art Car Boot Fair has evolved into a quintessentially British event of art buying and festivity. The event is unique among art fairs in offering the public a rare and intimate interaction with the artist. From the famous to the hungry new star, each artist pitches up for the day to sell his or her work. Some of the art is exclusively commissioned for the event, and most of it at a fabulously reduced just-for-a-day price” – that bit is right, no gallery commissions you see, most of the time what an artist sells a pice the gallery takes and big commission, fair enough, the gallery people have livings ot make, but at the Art Car Boot Fair you get to deal direct, bought a signed piece of Tracey for £20 a couple of years ago, and yes, you can turn up with not too much cash and have a brilliant day looking and meeting and people watching and soaking it all up and just leaving with a modest piece or two. As the organisers (who are artists themselves, this really is about artists coming together and making it happen ourselves), and as the organisers rightly say, .”get your tickets here to secure your place at the art worlds most exuberant event!”, I love taking part, can’t wait…. (sw)

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43 images from past boot fairs, mostly from our boot…  click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show



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