ORGAN THING: Five slices of music with Dublin art punks Silverbacks, Dame Area, Louisville’s Tomberlin, more from trumpet player Yazz Ahmed, Miss Red and a little more Gazelle Twin…


Yazz Ahmed

Five Another five slices of music? Five musical things that have come our way in recent times. The latest five kind of fell off the rails with the irritation of that steaming pile of limp-dick sexist crap from that band last week, here then, in no particular order,  after the the aborted five of last week, are more slice of music that has come our way in recent days.

1: Silverbacks – “Dublin art-punks Silverbacks combat marital strife and boredom via tense, methodical beats and prickly guitar riffs.” said someone from somewhere or other. “Dublin art-punks Silverbacks stomp back into action in 2018 with the release of their new single produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox ‘Dunkirk’ through their own PK Miami Records” says the press release, I get the idea they’d maybe like us to describe them as “art-punks”, you’ve got a link to the Dublin art punks back there, here’s a taste of the music


2: Dame Area are a band from, well I’m not sure where, no idea what they’re saying, chanting, singing, all sounds rather like the kind of thing you might encounter at a Summer Solstice gathering, some band who’s name you never quite catch, sounds like they’d be rather excellent live just before the sunrise or in some old squat, hope those lyrics aren’t of a dubious nature, always a little worried about covering something when we don’t quite know who they are or what they’re saying, they say they’re “Inspired by Coil, Suicide, Gary Numan, Franco Battiato, Throbbing Gristle, Dino Buzzati…”, here it is…


3: Tomberlin, “the rising Louisville, KY-based artist, has released a video for Seventeen,” the latest from her deeply moving Saddle Creek debut album, At Weddings”. here’s the video, you have the link, the album is due out on August 10th..


4: Yazz Ahmed has a new remix featuring Hector Plimmer, she’s also announced a new remix EP featuring DJ Khalab, Blacksea Não Maya and more.

Apparently we are “witnessing a burgeoning jazz scene in London, a resurgence that looks set to give us a return of the jazz filled 20s once again. One of the driving forces at the heart of this tidal wave of compelling, new music, is British-Bahraini composer and trumpet player, Yazz Ahmed, who has been cited as ‘redefining what jazz means in the 21st century’. La Saboteuse Remixed is her latest offering, released on Naim Records this summer”, to sure about any scene, but is another rather fine tune from Yazz Ahmed .


“Following the 2017 release of La Saboteuse, her highly acclaimed psychedelic Arabic jazz album, this remix EP brings together three of Europe’s eminent electronic DJs. This confluence of individual artistic visions creates music of deeply saturating polyrhythms, placing the listener into a curious state of relaxed tension. The sense of a personal narrative runs through all of Ahmed’s work and here is no exception. La Saboteuse as a whole is a journey of self-examination and with this remix EP, the reflection continues in both linear and abstract directions. Ahmed’s symbiotic collaboration with illustrator Sophie Bass also continues, in celebratory style. Above a familiar desert landscape, dripping with symbolism and intrigue, the ever present fish soars high in a galaxy of stars, overseeing the eternal dance between the demonic Saboteuse and the spiritual creative force of the Sufi. Harmony and balance is restored through the natural healing power of water

Produced by Noel Langley, the original album paints a sinuous far reaching soundscape. The reevaluation of the inner well of self doubt as a strength, a resource to be celebrated, to take nourishment from, is heavily sewn through all the tracks. Three pieces from the original album have been reimagined. Meaning and substance, borrowed from the source tracks, are filtered through an alternative perspective, each collaborator adding their own strand to the unfolding story. These virtual conversations between the artist and the remixer, with the addition of her own creative response to this process, result in four stand-alone pieces, which together will extend the listener’s journey through a mystical land of snakes and desert sands”.

5: Miss Red has released what we’re told is a “deadly” new single called War and announces line ups for album launches including one in London on July 19th at Corsica Studios. here’s the deadly new single, and yes it is deadly. Miss Red is joined in London by The Bug, Grandmixxer and Flowdan…


6: And just in case you weren’t paying full attention a couple of days back when Gazelle Twin was our Thing of The Day, that b-side from the Hobby Horse single really need to be checked out, here it is again, Deep England and all those apples, pears, plumbs and just how good is this…






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