ORGAN THING: Fairydust? King Crimson make a new live version of In The Court of The Crimson King available for free, go treat yourself…


There a rather impressive version, of course its an impressive version, how could it not be?, When have King Crimson not impressed in terms of the music they constantly make? There’s a rather impressive version of one of King Crimson’s finest of many fine moments, “one of the songs that old-school fans probably thought they’d never hear performed by the band, it’s probably fair to say that neither Ian McDonald or Peter Sinfield could have had any inkling that after nearly fifty years it was recorded that it would be restored to the setlist and continue to excite and engage audiences anew”, that’s right, a rather fine version of In The Court of The Crimson King can currently be downloaded for free from the official King Crimson website. The line up who have recorded this excellent live and of course slightly evolved version is Robert Fripp – Guitar, Jakko Jakszyk – Guitar, Vocals, Mel Collins – Saxes, Flute, Tony Levin – Basses, Stick, Backing Vocals, Pat Mastelotto – Acoustic And Electronic Percussion, Gavin Harrison – Acoustic And Electronic Percussion, Jeremy Stacey – Acoustic And Electronic Percussion, Keyboards, Bill Rieflin – Mellotron, Keyboards, Fairy Dusting – well that;s how the band credited things, fairydust? How much more fairydust can there be if you alreeady have a Mellotron – here’s the link, or find it on the website, go treat yourself…

Here’s a version from 2005



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