ORGAN THING: Miss Red follows the release of her brilliant new single War with an excellent video for another new track, she just gets better and better with every move….


Miss Red just gets better and better with every encounter, here’s the new video for another piece of new music called Dagga


The rather impressive video was directed by Vasilisa Forbes from First Films

“In my song ‘Dagga’ I’m addressing the tension between man and woman. The tension created by a woman’s wish to remain strong and beautiful, intellectually sexually and physically, without wishing to feel the sickness of relentless objectification by certain men, who purely regard women as meat or prey. I’m showing in the video how trapped a woman can feel, when she lets greedy men smother her with their ugly and selfish all-consuming lust for power. And how a woman can show sexist men that she’s so much more than a trophy. Certain men seek to erase a woman’s soul and heart with their animal craving, to reduce a woman to a personal sex doll, or domestic slave.” Miss Red

And as reported on these pages just the other day,  Miss Red has released what we’re told is a “deadly” new single called War and announces line ups for album launches including one in London on July 19th at Corsica Studios. here’s the deadly new single, and yes it is deadly. Miss Red is joined in London by The Bug, Grandmixxer and Flowdan…


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