ORGAN THING: Something new from Stern, people from Kayo Dot and Time of orchids…


So you have three people who happen to be either current and former members of Kayo Dot, so that pretty much means your band is going to be pretty good in an off-kilter left-field other rock kind of way Right?

Something new from Stern just came our way, the experimental band from Brooklyn featuring Toby Driver, Keith Abrams and Tim Byrnes plus frontman Chuck Stern from Time of Orchids. Stern are different, actually this this new song “Missive: Sister Ships” is very Time of Orchids in the very best of ways, you don’t really need our words though, you have the rather delicious track right here


Stern’s album, also titled Missive: Sister Ships, is coming on August 24 via Sleeping Giant Glossolalia.


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