ORGAN THING: Fred Coppin’s painterly optimism down Rivington Street…


FRED COPPIN – Angles And Optimism – Rivington Street, Shoreditch, East London, August 2018

FRED COPPIN – Angles And Optimism – Rivington Street, Shoreditch, East London, August 2018 – Spied the show half way along Rivington Street, can’t pass an unexpected art show, don’t know much about Fred Coppin, well nothing actually, not heard of him, didn’t catch any of pre-show publicity (assuming there was some), apparently this is the last day of the South London based artist’s début solo show. Hang on, these look very recent, these look like very now, right now, these look like they were all painted during the current heatwave, the colour of that grass, the busy outdoor swimming pool (echoes of those Chris Moon London Fields paintings from a few weeks back), it rather looks like Fred Coppin has been very industrious. We’re told we’re right, they have all been painted this summer, painted in the last few weeks – this is good, this is refreshing, nothing revolutionary but then, as we’ve said before, it doesn’t always have to be, these are very satisfying paintings. Bright paintings, refreshing, exciting – “working primarily in oil paint, South London based artist Fred Coppin captures an eternal sense of optimism in his work through a distinctive combination of amplified colour and playful architectural forms. Whether the subject is a body or a building, Coppin saturates, dissects and exaggerates the real world into a permanently sunny, dream-like state”


FRED COPPIN – Angles And Optimism – Rivington Street, Shoreditch, East London, August 2018

– there is an ice cream feel, there is an uplifting air – the enjoyment of light, of shape, of line, of simplicity, optimistic angles indeed. Thirty-eight oil paintings from the 2018 London heatwave, it hasn’t rained for months, this is the positive side of the city in the summer, the light, the lines, this is why you should never pass an art show. London in the summer of 2018, some of it feels like the optimism of 50’s America, if ice cream vans and open parks, of endless summer holidays and everything being right with the world – there’s one particular painting in the middle, just a simple painting of light catching a flight of stairs that’s just glorious – and even the litter falling out of the park bin looks refreshing, sometimes it doesn’t need to be revolutionary, sometimes the simple optimistic pleasure of set of paintings is more than enough, glad we went in… (sw)



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