ORGAN PREVIEW: Indian artist Piyali Ghosh will present a performance and the opening night of a show called “Autumn – A Strange Growth” at Elements Gallery, Hackney, East London, tomorrow…


Tomorrow, assuming you’re reading this on the day it was posted, if not you’ve maybe missed it already, last minute news of a performance and opening night tomorrow “Such short notice, due to our now-disgusting visa requirements, as the artist, who has come all the way from India, only had clearance/visa approval at the very last minute…”

The show, “Autumn – A Strange Growth” from Indian artist Piyali Ghosh will happen at Elements Gallery, Hackney, East London, tomorrow, Tuesday 4th September (6pm until 9pm) ay 26 Lower Clapton Road (entrance at Urswick Rd), London, E5 0PD
“Elements Gallery London are delighted to finally confirm that we are hosting, direct from India, artist Piyali Ghosh’s UK solo show with a special participatory opening event and performance on Tuesday 4th September

Piyali’s unique exploration of the multi dimensional and infinite possibilities of re imagining the ‘art of drawing’ through both performative and object based art and installation. She challenges both the conventions of and our very perception and meanings we ascribe to ‘mark making’ and the act of creating ‘the line’ while shinning a light on what drawing can be in both space and time in the 21st century.

In preparation for the arrival of ‘Autumn- A Strange Growth’ we let Mother Nature over the long hot summer to take hold in the court yard, so creating a fertile environment for the artist, to appear mysteriously and quietly as an organic growth springing from the very earth.

Using thousands of meters of hand dyed Jute from India to transform the space, it’s architecture and her body, Pilyal raises questions about what we see as object, as body, and as drawing, prompting us to the realization that the universe itself wherever we care to look is full of lines.

The artist takes a strand of her hair and states

” Even my hair can be a line and make a drawing. Every object in the universe, even the air that we breath is full of lines. For me strings are lines in a white space … The process of mark-making represents existence, the reclamation of selfhood, as an act of engagement with the experience of self and of belonging in accordance with nature”.

On the opening night the audience is invited to participate in the gentle unraveling and cutting free of the artist at the end of the performance. This exhibition is supported by a series of special events throughout it’s duration including Saturday 15th September 3-6pm and closing discussion panel event with artist Q&A- look out for forthcoming details.

Elements Gallery London is a curated space in the yard of the Angus-Hughes Gallery (who also have an opening in their space on the same night I do believe)


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