ORGAN THING: Cellular Chaos release Dirty Girl, so much more than just a Cardiacs cover from Weasel Walter, Admiral Grey and Rad Chaines…


Cellular Chaos have let loose a very Dirty Girl, a rather remarkable slice of music (that already was a rather remarkable piece of music), Dirty Girl is preceded by a pointy spiky now wave new wave fresh wave called Gaslight, a thing that in term thrashes, twists, jitters, twitches, points and goes off and things is so many beautifully vital ways. A new two track release from the always rewarding American three piece/ Dirty Girl itself is glorious, of course it is, we will praise her, this rather powerful Cellular Chaos interpretation of Dirty Boy, that Cardiacs classic, is just so right in every way. To say Dirty Girl is a cover is to not really do it justice, covers are things that do just that, cover songs, pretty much copy them, this is far more than just a cover. We will praise it, we will indeed praise it, not just a mere cover, a whole other world window opened on an already very special piece of music that really does part clouds, storm clouds in this beautiful case, big brooding storm clouds. We don’t hide our admiration for all things Weasel Walther around here, those Flying Luttenbeachers and such, this is how you present an interpretation of an already great song, Cellular Chaos have done the impossible and brought even more to it, not a better version, the original couldn’t ever be bettered, but this is just brilliant, worthy of all our gushing and more. Music excites, what an arrangement, what a performance by the three of them, things like this on a Monday Morning are why we still bother with this fractured Organ thing…. (sw)


“Gaslight” by Admiral Grey/Weasel Walter
“Dirty Girl” by Tim Smith, arrangement by Cellular Chaos


Profits from the sales of this EP will go to crowdfunding Tim Smith’s health care expenses


2 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: Cellular Chaos release Dirty Girl, so much more than just a Cardiacs cover from Weasel Walter, Admiral Grey and Rad Chaines…

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