ORGAN PREVIEW: “For the inaugural exhibition of the Passen-gers off-site series, artist project Disinformation responds to the site of Sluice HQ, formerly home to a commercial sign-maker in Hackney, East London”

ORGAN PREVIEW: “For the inaugural exhibition of the Passen-gers off-site series, artist project Disinformation responds to the site of Sluice HQ, formerly ‘Vision Signs’, a commercial sign-maker in Hackney, East London”, let’s hope Sluice remember to put up a sign or two this time and actually attempt to engage a little more with us Hackney residents. The exhibition gets under way on Wednesday November 21st, with a late evening opening the following Saturday, more details at the end of this piece information

“Passen-gers is a site-specific exhibition series that explores the historical, social and material contexts of prominent sites and architecture. For its inaugural series artists presented work sequentially to explore the real and imaginative associations of the Brunswick Centre – a Modernist, mixed residential and commercial development in Bloomsbury, London”. The press release and everything you should need is on the other side of the image…  .


Image: ‘Language as Meta-Technology’ artwork © Joe Banks, Disinformation 2018

The philosopher C W Morris defined semiotics as ‘the science of signs’, the writer Umberto Eco stated that ‘semiotics is in principle the discipline studying everything which can be used in order to lie’, and the telecommunications theorist Colin Cherry remarked that ‘information can be received only where there is doubt’. The book Rorschach Audio – Art & Illusion for Sound states ‘the earliest form of sound recording technology was not a machine but was written language’.

Disinformation’s site responsive installation Language as Meta-Technology draws from the above references in using a variety of speech recording, speech synthesis, psychoacoustics research and speech coding technologies to articulate, among other propositions, the hypothesis that ‘language is the technology that contains all others’.

A selection of other works which resonate with the revelatory and religious associations of the former name of the premises, ‘vision’ ‘signs’ will be also exhibited. Spellbound (2001) is an installation which alludes to ethical dilemmas similar to those explored by the plays Copenhagen (1998) by Michael Frayn and Oppenheimer (2015) by Tom Morton-Smith. Spellbound is an allegorical portrait of nuclear scientist, J Robert Oppenheimer – the ‘sign’ being an image of Robert Oppenheimer’s eye, which appears in an aerial photograph of the ‘lake’ of glass melted into desert sand by the world’s first thermonuclear test. Theophany (2000), meaning the ‘voice of God’ –is a recording of VLF-band radio noise radiated by a single lightning strike: ‘The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightning’ Psalms 29:7. Theophany is the world’s shortest sound installation, lasting just 0.083 seconds.

Disinformation is an electronic music, arts research and installation art project, whose work focusses on communications, electricity and language – exploring the creative potential of electronic messaging technologies, investigating psychology of perception and illusion, and examining relationships between auditory signs and their visual representations. In describing research that informed the development of early Disinformation artworks, the Australian art journal Discipline described how ‘while other young artists were subscribing to Artforum’, Disinformation producer, ‘Joe [Banks] was devouring journals on defence electronics and communications psychology’.

Disinformation artworks have been described as being ‘visually sophisticated’ and ‘distinctive and intelligent’ by Art Monthly, as ‘actively thrilling’ by the Financial Times, and as ‘mesmerising’ and ‘sublime’ by Aesthetica Magazine. Sound Projector magazine described Disinformation recordings as producing ‘potent drug-like trances of utter black mysteriousness’, while the Metro newspaper described Disinformation as ‘the black-ops unit of the avant-garde’. Disinformation has exhibited at the Hayward Gallery, Freud Museum, ICA and Domo Baal (London), Kettle’s Yard (Cambridge), Talbot Rice (Edinburgh), CCCB (Barcelona), Kiasma (Helsinki) and NIMK (Amsterdam). Disinformation producer Joe Banks has held AHRC funded research posts at the University of Westminster and at Goldsmiths College.  Passen-gers is a site-s pecific, curatorial initiative by artist Julie F Hill that explores the historical, social and material context of various sites and architectures. It does this through a core series of site-specific exhibitions and events within the architectural studio of Gauld Architecture in the Brunswick Centre – a grade II listed Modernist residential and shopping centre in Bloomsbury – as well as an off-site series and public programme.

The last time we went to a Sluice event it would be fair to say we weren’t that impressed, we’ll see what they have to offer this time, here’s what the wordy press release has to say about Sluice, they’re certainly good with the wordery, let’s hope there’s a little more substance, a little more to back up the talk this time and maybe a little more willingness to engage   –

Sluice – run by artists and curators – assumes the form of a collaborative, provocative artwork. The authors of which are everyone that comes into contact with the project. Sluice strategically adopts structures in order to showcase artist, curator and emergent discourse, projects and galleries. Currently Sluice exists as a biennial fair, an international expo, a biannual magazine and a gallery known as SluiceHQ.  

Language [as] Meta-Technology

Wed 21 Nov – Sun 2 Dec 2017
Opening event: Sat 24 Nov, 6–9 pm
Opening hours: Fri–Sun, 12–5pm or by appointment
Address: Sluice HQ, 171 Morning Lane, Hackney Central, London E9 6JY

Not quite sure how an “opening event” can take place four days after the event has started but hey, their words, not ours… watch this space, we’ll go have a look and…




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