ORGAN PREVIEW: Intervention, an exhibition featuring something like thirty contemporary artists, including works by Aida Wilde, Paul Insect, Pure Evil, will open this Friday in the gallery at East London’s new artist-hub, The Hackney Creative Social Club…


ORGAN PREVIEW: Intervention, an exhibition featuring something like thirty or more contemporary artists will open on Friday 30th November 2018 in the gallery at East London’s new artist-hub and studio workspace: The Hackney Creative Social Club. The show runs until December 22nd, we’ll be back with more coverage over the weekend I expect. The statement from the gallery or the curators or, well someone made a statement, it reads like this…

“For the artist provocateurs featured in Intervention, the city is a stage and their audience are unwitting participants. Each exhibited work is in itself a game of call and answer: a charged signal sent out, yielding a visceral response from the viewer. Dioramas of micro-citizens stopped in their tracks by splats of bird excrement sit alongside unsolicited public fountains, disruptive bus stop signs, fake recruitment campaigns, illegal golf ball traffic controls, pirate projections and a slew of subversive street art messaging. Pure Evil repurposes street signs, Carrie Reichardt covers houses with mosaics depicting Mexican-style Day of the Dead skulls and Dan Rawlings cuts elaborate silhouettes from street signs in this provocatively playful collection. Using multiple mixed media to startling, disquieting and amusing effect, Intervention riffs on the very fabric of the inner-city, injecting a healthy edge of rebellion into the everyday and transforming commonplace architecture and items of urban infrastructure into zones of challenging artistic exploration.

The Venue:is new, opening right now, December 2018, it goes by the name of The Hackney Creative Social Club, it features a gallery, restaurant, photo lab and 10 art studios (available to rent at reasonable rates so we’re told). “Breaking the mould of the ubiquitous “creative work hubs” rampantly propagating across the city, this members club was spawned as a space with soul and is set to become central to the support and survival of London’s artistic underbelly”.

About the curators: Founded in 2016 by Ema Marinova, 1963 Gallery, London, represents a number of urban artists, utilising permanent and temporary exhibition spaces to spread art’s transformative potential. meanwhile 2018 saw the launch of Simon Vaughan’s Creative Giants, a Brighton based creative production company specialising in immersive, large-scale interactive art installations at festivals and in exhibition spaces.

The Hackney Creative Social Club is at 89 Ridley Road, London, E8 2NH, United Kingdom



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