ORGAN: Upfest to take a break in 2019, a statement from the festival organisers reads…


The Upfest festival is to take a break in 2019, a statement on the Upfest website reads  – “Following a spectacular 10th anniversary festival the organisers of Europe’s largest street art festival have announced it will take a fallow year in 2019. Upfest, one of the city’s landmark events, attracting a huge international audience is run by volunteers and funded by crowd funding, sponsorship and private donation.

Festival founder, Stephen Hayles explains: “Having taken a fallow year in 2014, we know the benefits that taking a break brings to refreshing the festival but also giving our incredible team of volunteers a rest. Planning, fundraising and production of the free festival which now caters for 400 artists and over 50,000 visitors from across the globe takes almost a year to do. We are appealing to Bristol audiences to join us for the 2020 festival to help us establish it for the next ten years.”


By the end of 2019 Upfest is looking to recruit 100 volunteers to ensure the festival can look after the huge numbers of artists and visitors in attendance. Stephen explains:

“We are very lucky to have a fantastic core of volunteers to paint boards, create festival infrastructure, steward, provide care for the artists, plan logistics and help fundraise. However now the festival has grown we are in need to a new raft of volunteers with all types of skills to help us stage the event. With the festival costing £120,000 to stage annually, we’re also appealing to Bristol businesses to support financially and invest in the future of the festival.”

The Upfest crew wont be taking a twelve month holiday by any means. The gallery in Bedminster has a calendar of shows planned and the Upfest crew will continue to work with festivals, businesses and councils to stage street art interventions and creative stunts. Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year.”






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