ORGAN THING? What’s going on? Waiting for the year to kick off…


A week and a bit into 2019 already, where the hell have we been? What’s happening with Organ? What’s going on? Well we’re picky, we need things to excite us and frankly nothing has so far this year and if it isn’t really truly exciting us then we’re not going to waste our time or yours, it need to excite us, it needs to motivate us, it needs fire us up. it needs to be a good use of our time, these Organ things do take up such a lot of our time. We’re not going to waste time on the average, on the quite good, on the things that do really truly deserve it.

There never seems to be enough time to write these days, paint comes first, paint comes second and third, paint is the priority, of course it is, painting, drawing and everything that goes with it. writing about painting or art or music or bands or books and sorting out punctuation and ending a sentence rather than rambling on is quite a way down the list of priorities now. Far too much time has been sucked up by this Organ monster over far too many years, far too much time, money, life and more, I do have to ask why? Why are we still doing it? What are we doing here? Why are we still here? Eight days of the new year gone already and nothing really exciting in terms of music has landed yet, it feels like art hasn’t quite woken after the Christmas break either, it does always happen around Christmas and the new year, there is always a bit of a drought while artists lick their wounds and musicians and record labels do whatever the hell it is they do. I guess we could have spent time making end of year lists, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do around the turning of a year? The best of things in terms of art we encountered during the year or something like that, did start something, a vague list compiled while listening to the excellent Isle of Dogs soundtrack album, one of the art highlights of the year had to be going to see that film and the exhibition that went with it (and hear, the sound was so so good, the soundtrack is excellent) . End of the year, start of the year, does it mean anything? A good time to look back, take a moment and clean the slate, everyone loves a list right?


It is me who writes 97.3% of this Organ thing now, it does take up far far too much time, it often feels pointless, it sometimes feels important, occasionally/ I see so many exciting art shows that just don’t get any coverage anywhere else, I hear curators and gallery people as well as artists, complaining that their shows are completely ignored by the self-appointed art media in this town, I see so many good shows that would go completely undocumented and unrecorded if it wasn’t for the fractured (often far too rushed) coverage on our Organ pages – “I love Sean Worrall’s writings, his tireless writings. at some point in the not too distant, one has the inkling (more than an inkling, I foresee it) his wonderfully written texts/reviews, will be an absolutely go to historical resource, and I look forward to some intelligent/clever publisher throwing him a book contract to put the best together under one cover, again one hopes, in the not too distant …” (Paul Sakoilsky, Artist, October 2018)


We could put together a list of the best of the exciting art shows we went to last year, there were quite a few, it would make for an interesting debate here, I suspect if was to draw up the list and then take a look, then besides the Organ coverage of those shows on the list, they will mostly have gone undocumented by the London art media In short, I kind of feel obliged to carry on with this damn Organ thing, well in terms of the art coverage anywat, maybe not so much in terms of music these days?


back in day, when no one else covered the musical things we did…. 

So where have we been, busy dropping, busy painting, busy digging holes, busy waiting for you to excite us and for the year to kick in. I would guess I’ve listen to around 200 piece of music, bits of albums, links to things on YouTube or Soundcloud or Bandcamp that bands or labels (or their sometimes very persistent people have sent in, nothing has really excited in 2018 so far…. maybe tomorrow? Still waiting for that first great art show of 2019, maybe we’ll have to put it on ourselves…. (sw)


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