ORGAN: Five fresh new musical slices with Ectoplasm Girls, The Beetles, Gum Takes Tooth, Lost Crowns, Nadine Byrne and…


Where were we? Where’s the coffee? Where’s the music, ten days in and well, we said it yesterday, new year musical drought, the trickle has started though, the in-box has been explored, still not convinced any of this is needed now, this coverage I mean, not the music, the music is always needed, here’s five slice of musical earfood then, five things worth exploring, five things in no particular order, five signposts…


Your recommended five….

1: GUM TAKES TOOTH have posted another track, Fights Physiology is from the forthcoming album ‘Arrow’. The new album, as we’ve already mentioned on these pages (you can find previously posted tastes of the new album here), is released on January 25th, here’s the latest taste


And as we mentioned last last year, The duo have also announced a whole load of live dates to tie in with the album release including a London show on January 25th at Electrowerkz that features the vitally excellent Sex Swing on the bill


Lost Crowns 

2: LOST CROWNS – The “debut album from psych-pop supergroup Lost Crowns, featuring Richard Larcombe’s music and words performed by a stellar cast from the UK ‘weird music’ scene” is out in a couple of weeks, The band have posted a one track taste of things to come on their Bandcamp page, one swallow doesn’t make an album though and summer does feel a long way off, no pocket watch set yet/ One track just gives us a hint, it is a rather impressive hint and Let Loving Her Be Everything does flow in such an easy way, and you can find out more about the who and the where and the rest via their Bandcamp page, we’re just pointing the way, posting a signpost, it is worth following the signpost, it does sound hopeful….


Lost Crowns play a launch party at the Slaughtered Lamb in London EC1 on February 8th, is that Wryneck we spy on the bill?  Lost Crowns, Wrneck and Ham legion… The Facebook event page and more details are here



3: ECTOPLASM GIRLS are at London’s Cafe Oto on Saturday January 19th, “Ectoplasm Girls is an audiovisual ongoing project initiated in 2007 by sisters Nadine Byrne and Tanya Byrne, with the intention of expressing their joint fascination and experiences with death and dreams, manifesting these subjects trough sound and video”.


“Nadine and Tanya Byrne create pop music for the phenomenal world. Taking influence from punk, industrial and minimal wave, the Swedish duo have released two unnerving records as The Ectoplasm Girls on Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL imprint, crafting distant and muted sounds for the unsettled sleeper. As solo artists, their material investigates liminal spaces: this year Nadine released Dreaming Remembering, a record that abstracts techno and drone into songs of broken memories, while Tanya has released solo material as Hypnotower, experimenting with noise-drenched trance on Unlearn. With a multi-media performance that includes improvised music and visuals, Bates Mill Photographic Studio provides a fitting twilight zone for The Ectoplasm Girls.” – HCMF


Ectoplasm Girls

4:: NADINE BYRNE is also performing a solo set on that bill that features Ectoplasm Girls at Cafe oto on January 19th, “Nadine Byrne is a musician and visual artist based in Stockholm. Her interdisciplinary artistic practice spans across sound, sculpture, performance and film. She often explores themes of memory and loss originating in her own personal history. Her practice is also informed by her fascination towards visual and social manifestations of alternative constructions of reality. Byrne has performed internationally and released albums as part of the ongoing audiovisual project Ectoplasm Girls together with her sister Tanya Byrne, and solo under the name The Magic State (2008-2011) as well as under her own name. Her latest album ’Dreaming Remembering’ was released in May 2018 on iDEAL Recordings”.


5 THE BEETLES, have a new thing, a debut single actually, is it really their debut?  I’m sure we’ve coved Beetles releases before


Here, tens days of the year already gone, you’ve surely listend ot Cardiacs already in 2019 ?










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