ORGAN THING: Michael J Sheehy, a touch of Virgin Prunes goodness and…


Today’s Thing? A thing from sometime ago, a beautiful thing that Michael J Sheehy just reminded us of when he mentioned that he happened to be “thrilled to be taking part in this event and finally playing this Virgin Prunes classic live 20 years after recording it”


“We’re excited to announce Michael J Sheehy will join the Imagining Ireland line-up next week at Barbican Centre! Formerly of Dream City Film Club, he brings his dark-tinged blues to the fold to help tell the story of Irish life in England”, said a spokesperson for the people putting on the show on Wednesday January 30th over at the Barbican here in London. Mr Sheehy is also currently of the very (very) fine Miraculous Mule of course, Full details of the event here







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