ORGAN THING: A new video from Thylacine, a rather beautiful piece taken from the new concept album Roads Vol 1…

Thylacine releases a video for Santa Barbara, a rather beautiful track featuring Julie Minkin. The track is taken from the French producer’s second concept album Roads Vol 1


“William Rezé AKA Thylacine recorded his second album ‘Roads Vol.1’ in Argentina. His previous record was recorded aboard the train that links Moscow to Vladivostok, a concept album inspired by travel, composed entirely over the course of the trip, alone in the cramped, confinements of his cabin. Out in February, it’s follow up is equally impressive.  The French electronic prodigy bought an iconic all-aluminum Airstreams 1972 trailer and after painstakingly transforming it into a recording studio, he put it on a freighter across the Atlantic before picking it up in Buenos Aires. He was drawn to South America by the pull of the unknown, the absolute absence of reference. He wanted to immerse himself in desert and lunar landscapes, explore multicolored canyons, sand dunes, giant cacti forests, snow-capped peaks… and write, alone, in the intimacy of his nomadic studio. After making multiple stops in the wilderness, he returned with ten tracks that effortlessly combine Moderat’s aerial melodies, the solar touch of Nicola Cruz, and the techno power of Paul Kalkbrenner. His electronica is often laden with saxophone—his instrument of choice, which he started playing at the age of 6 and features vocals from Julia Minkin (of Kid Francescoli), Clara Trucco (a member of the trio Femina), and Juana Molina, “considered the Argentinian Björk.” “I wanted to go back to a music with a more acoustic sound,” he says”.

The young producer’s vaporous layers are tinged with charango, a local instrument, and melodies inspired by traditional Argentinian songs. The tracks tell the story of his extraordinary odyssey: the captivating tale of “Santa Barbara” evokes the close ties between inhabitants of a tiny village in the Andes”.

More via te Soundcloud



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