ORGAN THING: Under My Feet, a collaborative organisation, live acts, art, artists, photographers, sound art, painters, visual performers…

Organ Thing of The Day, you can do the exploring today, we have places to be, we’ll just give you the sound, a word or two and the all important link, you can go and find out more should you wish to, looks and sounds rather good from here…


“From abstract explorations to aggressive sound, this month Carolaina Losa and Lorenzo Nari had the opportunity to dig deep into their music catalogue and freely express their musical taste and knowledge”. More from Under My Feet, a place where you can find art, sound, sound art, visual art and lots more

“Founded by Ireen Amnes in 2015, Under My Feet. is a no-profit collaborative organisation that celebrates industrial arts by presenting live acts events combined with art exhibitions of local artists, including photographers, painters, and visual performers”.


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