ORGAN PREVIEW: This Is Not This Heat add one more final ever London date after the selling out the very final one…


This is Not This Heat, the band who have been recently taking the glorious sound and songs of This Heat one step forward with some of the best live performances by anyone in recent times (no hyperbole there then), that Barbican performance from 2017 is still playing in our heads, have announced one more final London date after the first one sold out rather quickly The first of two nights at The Albany will happen on May 24th 2019, the previously announced very last date ever on May 25th has already sold out. Ticket details


THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT, Barbican, March 2017

“Although widely considered to be Post-Punk’s finest, This Heat actually began performing their music in the early days of London’s punk era. Within their two albums and an EP they perfected a strange and volatile new strain of avant-garde rock that time has proved to be massively influential, a blueprint for much that would follow: post-rock, math rock, homemade musique concrète, experimental electronica…..

Exactly 40 years to the day of their first gig in 1976 the two surviving members (Hayward and Bullen) of the original three came together, with a large group of collaborators, to perform expanded versions of the recordings. Conceived solely as a two night residency at Café Oto, under the project title of THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT, it sold out in a matter of hours with fans travelling from as far as Japan. An invitation from the Barbican followed along with countless offers from around the world. A touring band distilled in early 2017 leading to selective performances at major festivals and venues in the UK, Europe, USA and Japan with unfaltering acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

Ahead of their time, This Heat’s music sounds as startlingly original and relevant, live and on record, as the day it was created, but Charles Hayward says of the decision to end this iteration of the band, “moving forward has always been deep inside the music and we need to resolve that contradiction. Now.” and that “to play our final London gig at the Albany feels right, This Heat played Rock Against Racism gigs at the old building and we look forward to returning to South London and a vibrant community of resistance and creativity”.

You can read an Organ review of that now surely legendary Barbican performance via this link, meanwhile here’s a taste of what others have been saying..


“… It does feel like we’ve been witness to something special. A fine body of work has been brought to life with energy and vitality that seems improbable nearly 40 years after the fact.” – The Wire

“This doesn’t feel like nostalgia but a new beginning” – The Guardian

“It was plain to see that This Is Not This Heat is just as much a living, breathing collective as it is an homage to one of Britain’s most eclectic and innovative experimental rock groups”
– BrooklynVegan review of Pioneer Works, New York

“Bowie and i hit it off insanely and talked about Mishima and This Heat and all sorts of stuff”
– Arcade Fire’s Owen Pallett on meeting David Bowie

“I get asked to play more music like This Heat, but to my knowledge there is no other music like This Heat” – John Peel

“The Beatles of experimental music” – Amen Dunes



THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT, Barbican, March 2017

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