ORGAN THING: My vitriol, Fontaines D.C, Market stalls, Big Sir, car parks, Big, Tracey, Sistertalk, Peter…

“We were encouraging each other to be who we believed ourselves to be all the time” – Grian Chatten, lead vocals, Fontaines D.C.


Grian Chatten, lead vocals, Fontaines D.C.

Monday Monday, a hint of the Spring and sun in the air, the weekend was mostly about pomegranates, lemons and a lime, that and fresh air, here’s some Big Sir, this album has been around for a couple of years now, we’ve covered it before, it landed in our in-box again this morning for some reason that isn’t really that clear, here’s their Bandcamp with all their albums and such. Big Sir are Lisa Papineau and Juan Alderete, they’re from Los Angeles….


Never mind Tracey, what about the car park I hear you say. Car park? Well we know where we’re not welcome, we can’t go cover things when we’re not welcome at those things . I’m rather astounded by the amount of vitriolic bullshit heading in Tracey Emin’s direction from other artists who clearly haven’t been anywhere near the show, artists, keyboard warriors oozing jealousy, artists who have clearly seen little more than a photo of those selfies passing by on their social media. We’ve been getting a flavour of the vitriolic response to Tracey’s show here, “Why are we covering her?” “Why don’t we cover what’s happening on the fringes?” “You have no clue, she still can draw or paint?”, well whatever else you say about having the right PR and striking it lucky and the rest, you can’t say with any kind of authority, if you’ve actually bothered to actually go stand in front of some of those drawings or paintings, that she can’t draw or paint”  Sure, the hoopla is unbalanced and it can be annoying, maybe even alienating, and yes, the art media really does need to take a collective look at how they do things and how they ignore most things, but that’s surely not Tracey’s fault?  And  us, not covering things on the fringes? We’re often the only ones who actually do!

“I love Sean Worrall’s writings, his tireless writings. at some point in the not too distant… one has the inkling (more than an inkling, I foresee it) his wonderfully written texts/reviews, will be an absolutely go to historical resource, and I look forward to some intelligent/clever publisher throwing him a book contract to put the best together under one cover, again one hopes, in the not too distant …” (Paul Sakoilsky, Artist, October 2018)

Meanwhile, back in the last century, I did occasionally include a heart in a piece of art, not welcome, not welcome…


Some more from Dublin’s rather excellent Fontaines D.C. they’ve just let loose a new single called Big and announced details of a much anticipated debut album called Dogrel, apparently the album is out on April 12th, here’s the new single


Speaking about the video, the band said, “we felt that great ambition was a sickness, and we got Grian’s 11 year next-door neighbour to say it to you all because he’s got the presence of a hundred frontmen.”

Here’s an image of a Peter Prendergast painting, we can never post too many images of Peter’s work



Here’s the debut single from Sistertalk, something called Vitriol, “elusive North London art rock quintet Sistertalk have announced their highly-anticipated debut single, ‘Vitriol’.” so reads the press release


“Formed by brothers Gabriel and Daniel Levy in 2017, the past 18 months have seen the band holed up producing and honing their recorded material. Despite having no music online, Sistertalk have quickly become one of the most talked-about new bands in London due to their incendiary live performances. Having sold-out multiple headline shows and played alongside the likes of Shame, Yowl, Kagoule, Crows, Metz, Whenyoung and Goat Girl….” so reads the hype. ‘Vitriol’ came out 8th February 2019 via Family Portrait, the band will also play a headline show at The Windmill, London on 13th March 2019 –


.TRACEY EMIN, A Fortnight of Tears – White Cube, Bermondsey, London SE1, Feb 2019.






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