ORGAN THING: Stephanie Richards, a deconstructed trumpet, some animation…


Organ Thing of The Day;  rather like the sound of the music and the look of the animation: After her “spellbinding” (NPR) debut record “Fullmoon”, voted #1 Record of the Year by Free Jazz Collective, trumpeter Stephanie Richards follows up with a release of her second project: Take The Neon Lights on Birdwatcher records. Using NYC as a backdrop, her compositions are named from poems by icons Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou and Allen Ginsberg, to name a few. This music explores a spontaneous prose of grit and brilliance, celebrating the ugly beauty of NYC.

Featuring music from Richards’ latest record “Take The Neon Lights” (Birdwatcher Records), Brooklyn Machine takes a deconstructed trumpet, prepared piano, bass and drums and weaves a compact, cyclical and groove-based composition evocative of city life. Named from Allen Ginsberg’s poem “My Sad Self”, “Brooklyn Machine” aims to encapsulate the chaotic grind of time in flux, with moments of nostalgia for what once was but has never stood still.


Music by Steph Richards
Animation by Andrea Yasko

Steph Richards (trumpet)
James Carney (piano)
Sam Minaie (bass)
Andrew Munsey (drums)

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