ORGAN PREVIEW: Danny Pockets and his Houses of The Holy at London Westbank Gallery next week…


DANNY POCKETS – Houses of The Holy, Royal Albert Hall, London, March 2018

Danny Pockets painted some wonderfully evocative houses of the holy, music venues now lost, old cafés, shops, place that actually meant something to him, that meant something to lots of us, places we loved, The Marquee, The Astoria, beautiful places where people gathered and great things happened. Great places now lost to “progress” or redevelopment as the soul is torn out of this city of ours, Danny had a great way of capturing it, recording it, they were his places, our places, I first met Danny in one such place back there in the day, (I think I sold him a copy of the Organ at a Pulkas gig, that’s what we worked our later on when he took part in one of the Cultivate shows before he got ill).  Danny understood what those meeting houses and concert venues were about, he painted them so well, sadly we lost Danny Pockets to cancer a year ago this very week, he didn’t quite live to see the paintings on show at what became a very emotional exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall, just days after his passing. Painters never die though, we all know that, Danny’s House Of The Holy will return to London for a show at London Westbank this March…


Danny Pockets – Houses of the Holy

Here’s what the gallery has to say…

Houses of the Holy – 9th April 2019 “These highly original paintings, combining packaging, found materials, oils, spray paints, shellac, chinagraph were painted over the last decade.  Confronted by changes in the capital – clubs and music venues shutting down – Danny started to document them..asking us to observe their beauty before they were lost forever. The Westbank Gallery is proud to present the ultimate collection of the original paintings and prints by Danny Pockets. Danny Pockets sadly died 12th March 2018”

The show runs from Tuesday 19th March until April 9th at London Westbank, 3-5 Thorpe Close, Notting ill, London, W10

See more of Danny’s paintings here –  ORGAN THING: Danny Pockets, Houses of The Holy, a celebration in paint, a celebration of time, place and painter…

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Danny Pockets at Cultivate presents Play, (2015)

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