ORGAN: R.I.P Scott Walker, what a voice, what a ground-breaking artist…


Can’t let the news pass without saying something today, sad to wake up to the news of Scott Walker’s passing this morning. What a singer, what a voice, what an artist, someone who went way beyond in terms of the art he constantly made and the way he challenged both himself and his audience. A true artist, a true great, and as his current record label 4AD said with today’s sad announcement, he did indeed enrich us all with so many of the ground-breaking albums of later years as well as those glorious pop songs of the 60’s. Rightly there will be pages written about him, his beautiful 60’s pop and his later experimental material that really really is something special, you don’t really need our words, he was a true artist, a great, I love his work, a real artist, a lot more than just a singer, his singing would have been enough to leave us with, but hey, he left is pieces of art like Scott 4 and Tilt and so much more, thank you Scott Walker. (sw)

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