ORGAN PREVIEW: Those beautiful Flying Luttenbachers kick off a European tour in London tonight…


Those beautiful Flying Luttenbachers kick off a European tour in London tonight, tonight being Friday April 5th and the place being the Moth Club here in Hackney, this is exciting, I wrote something about a compilation The Flying Luttenbachers are on a couple of weeks ago, they quoted the review so I guess someone thinks we occasionally get it right –

– “See, the thing is you think you’ve got those Flying Luttenbachers nailed, you think yes, I know what they’re doing, I know where they’re going, always brilliant but yeah yeah yeah, I know where they’re going and just when you think that they smash you around the head with some extra detail, with another colour, with another obtuse angle or a really unexpected slice of beauty that they have to right to pull off in the middle of one of their onslaughts, of all the greatest bands in the world, they may, in all their formats, be the greatest of them all… ”  –

The whole of that review is here, those Luttenbachers have been championed many times around here on line, in print and on air via our various shows on Resonance FM. As well as that SkinGraft compilation, the New York band have just released a new album of their own,  get a taste and more details of their latest going off and things here


The London date of the tour is the only one in the UK before they head for mainland Europe, more about the London gig here via the Facebook event page, rest of the dates are down there.

Flying Luttenbachers on Facebook, Flying Luttenbachers on Bandcamp


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