ORGAN PREVIEW: Over and Over opens tonight, a maximalist artist-led group show in East London…

ORGAN PREVIEW: Over and Over, an artist-led group show, opens on the evening of Thursday April 18th (6pm until 9pm), A group show, more cross-pollination, abstract painters, performance, contemporary flavours, a hint of the street, a touch of the unexpected. Eight artists sharing the old shop space by Columbia Road Market, East London.


Everyone is welcome, we don’t do all that get on a list via an app and give all your details bullpoop, if you want to come along just come along, we don’t need your name, number or life story, just come and enjoy the art, the performance and join and join in the conversation. Bring your own drink, we;ll have some but we’re artists, we’ll probably drink it before you get there…



Opening night is Thursday 18th then the gallery will then be open over two weekends, two Saturdays and Sundays, 11am until 5pm on April 21st/22nd and April 27th/28th (the gallery is also someone’s home, he normally only opens it on Sundays), You find us on Shipton Street, at the top end of Columbia Road (home f the flower market and such), just off the Hackney Road, you’ll find us sitting outside if the sun is out, you’ll find the door open and everyone welcome whatever the weather


We’re back to Columbia Road, the flower market and Shipton Street Gallery for a second month-long Cultivate take over. We like the space, we like the location, we like the black cat and the fact that the space is an old shop and the till is still there and the fact that last time we thought it would all about the flower market when it actually turned about to be about engagement with the people who had been living in the area for years, about the people on the estate behind the gallery, the locals from up the road, we met Mrs Thatcher’s old butler (a raving socialist now), we met people who remembered the shop in the 50s, we met kids from the local school, an old punk who gave up painting and going to gigs years ago. Of course the Flower Market crowds are great but last time we found the old greengrocers shop that has been Shipton Street Gallery for over ten years or more now isabout far more than just the Flower Market crowds.


Yulia Robinson

Over and Over will be the second of the two shows in the space, a carefully selected group show. Another exercise in cross-pollination and a small white-walled room full of paintings, conversations, contradictions, contemporary artists, plinths, performance, pop, colour, abstraction and things done the Cultivate way. We’ve been contradicting ourselves with our carefully cultivated East London shows for seven or eight years now, I’ve lost count of how many group shows we’ve put on, how many artists have hung on our walls, hopefully you know what we’re about by now, hopefully you haven’t quite worked out what we’re about yet. We don’t like putting things in boxes, we don’t like room full of just one or two flavours, we don;t like abstract painters who only want to play it safe and exhibit with other abstract painted who are just like them. we like the conversations between the various pieces of art to be interesting, to be exciting, we don’t have time for wordy statements or art school attitudes, we don’t like aloofness or galleries that exist in a hidden state behind closed doors, ours doors are always open, we hope out shows are friendly, that they’re inviting rather than alienating, that they’re challenging in the right way. We are very picky, we are very selective, it is important that our shows work as one whole thing, that they work for both the artists involved and the viewers good enough to take the time to come and see, nothing worse than a disjointed group show, it has to flow, it has ot work as one whole thing, of course we never get everything right, the day we think we do is the day we pack in. We love putting on group shows, we love hanging them, we love the opening nights, we love it when people come and look properly over the duration, we love doing what we do, come join it…

Over and over is curated by Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey


Stella Whalley

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