ORGAN THING: What are Black Sabbitch doing today? Snowblind, treat yourself to another piece of Sabbath treasure…


What are Black Sabbitch doing today? Now I don’t have much time for covers bands or tribute bands or photocopy bands who clutter up venues playing bad covers in a bad way through a bad PA, but Black Sabbitch, as we have pointed out before, are a lot lot more than just a covers band, they are indeed redefining the notion, they’re taking a whole load of classic Sabbath treasure and adding their own bit of colour. Those sublime semi acoustic versions they did a few months back were just beautiful, the live shows look like they’re electric (and dare I say, it would be good to see and hear Sabbath without someone jumping up and down and demand we clap every couple of minutes and, no, better not go there, as much as I love ’em both, I found both Ozzy and Ronnie’s pantomimes rather annoying at times). Will Black Sabbitch ever land on these shores? Will they ever release some of those acoustic tracks or live performances? Or maybe they have? I do love it when they come up on my Instagram feed like they did yesterday with this great live version of Snowblind

Black Sabbitch perform “Snowblind” by Black Sabbath. Recorded live on the Black Sabbitch 2018-19 fall/winter tour at @Cal Jam 18 / Glen Helen Amphitheater, The Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles and The Marquee Theatre in Tempe AZ.

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