ORGAN THING: The excellent Miss Red goes Loco, hear a track from her new EP. Meanwhile hot air at art galleries, the best thing was the piss-poor bottles of larger…


Well now, the price of what? Never mind, there’s always a price to pay, on with things, on with it all, on with fruit picking and we don’t don’t cover ever gig we go to or every art show we go to or every piece of music that comes in here, only the good ones, the positive ones, the ones we think might be worth your time, the ones that doesn’t have us walking out feeling rather angry. The anger built up as I walked back up the Roman Road, the annoying attitude of the place, the annoying crowd standing outside sucking down their free bottles of cheap and nasty larger and refusing to unblock the door to the empty gallery. And what was all that hot air inside, actually it really wasn’t that surprising that no one was inside what with all that hot air and noise and not much substance and what is is with hot air blowers at art galleries at the moment, there’s two on the street outside Space studio right now, on all day, no one taking a blind bit of notice of them, spewing out electricity and heat all day, art doesn’t help itself at times. Fire up some Miss Red.

Miss Red has announced a new EP this morning ‘The Four Bodies’ – produced by The Bug (Kevin Martin), she;s just shared a track ‘Loco’, “Following the knockout of last year’s bashment punk full length ‘K.O.’, Miss Red’s ‘The Four Bodies’ is the dynamite M.C.’s first transmission of 2019”.

” In a league of one, with no obvious peers, this pioneering sing-jay is feverishly spreading the gospel of originality”, that is just about right, we’ve said similar things ourselves on these fractured pages, here;s the press release, you gotta love Miss Red. I might even paint that before the love edition of 2019 Art Car Boot Fair


“Ranging from warped druggaton swing, to toxic dancehall, via dusted doom hop, ending with neo-classical drone, the four songs featuredhere are a testament to her versatile mic skills and determination to locate her own, original path, whilst obsessively improving her vocal craft. And just as she has amassed gushing praise from extremely disparate artists in radically different genres, counting Equiknoxx, Dominick Fernow (Prurient), Flowdan, Aaron Turner (SUMAC), Grandmixxer and Logos amongst her new found fans, so the wilful eclecticism of this new EP finds strength in its perpetual mutations and mood shifts. Again she collaborates with her label boss and close ally The Bug, who provides all four backing tracks for this elusive, shapeshifting single, which again appears on the uncompromising producer’s PRESSURE label.

Lyrically, Sharon Stern aka Miss Red, wanted to tackle taboo subjects and internal conflicts, to contrast inner/outer, real/unreal states of mind, as she examines the essential elements of life. Metaphorically probing air (‘Prayers’), water (‘Don’t Text Back’), fire (‘Loco’), and earth (‘Shut in your Head’), the red gyal reaches deeper and darker than she has gone before in her writing. Citing shamanism and witchcraft as new found inspirations, she sought to construct her own, singular, planet of wonders and madness. Having witnessed the surreal spectacle of the cast of the hit NBC/Amazon TV series ‘Hanna’, spitting her lyrics to the ’Shock Out’ anthem from ‘K.O.’ within a memorable episode of the show, or ripping the heads off ravers deep inside a mountain once used by Nazis as a WW2 bomb shelter at this year’s high profile Elevate Festival (Miss Red being mentioned as one of the highlights of the event by Mixmag, DJ and The Quietus), 2019 is proving as unpredictable as it is inspirational for Miss Red. Her recent relocation to Portugal from Berlin and the total head trip that is ‘The Four Bodies’ are her latest diary entries, from perpetual travels into strange new lands. In a league of one, with no obvious peers, this pioneering sing-jay is feverishly spreading the gospel of originality, with this free-spirited E.P”.

The Bug feat. Miss Red live:

13th July: Kiev
18th July: Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds
10th: August Boomtown Festival






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