ART CAR BOOT FAIR PREVIEW pt1: Really should dislike everything about her but I really do love Frea Buckler’s work, I love her style, her sharp colour, her mass production, her purity, her formal abstraction…


We’re in the zone now, the 2019 Art Car Boot Fair happens in eight days, those in charge of the boots have pulled together an exciting line-up of artists again this year, names you’ll know, names you might not have come across yet. .It all happens next Sunday afternoon, Sunday June 23rd, over in Kings Cross, London NW1 and like we’ve already said several times on these fractured pages, it is one of the highlights of the London art year. In the week leading up to this year’s event we shall be taking a look at one or two of the artists you might want to look out for on the day


Frea Buckler, Polychrome at Jealous, East London, May 2019

FREA BUCKLER – Polychrome at Jealous (with Smithson Gallery) – Do like Frea Buckler’s colour range, her luminescent palette, her crisp use of citrus, her sharp edges, her bright lines, I do like her pin-point sense of style (and I do like that the walls of Jealous are a little more sympathetic this time, there’s a little more style to the whole way her second show at jealous has been put together by the parties involved, the dark walls bring it all out so so much more that the white walls did last time she was here). Frea Buckler is a very slick artist, you might almost say a graphic artist, there’s a lot of it around, slick art in slick frames made by slick people, op art wannabes, keyboard designers, print makers, pop artists and such, so few of them have Buckler’s refreshing sense of adventure, very few of them really are real artists. Crisp is a key word, crisp, refreshing, cool is the realest of senses, very now – this is her second solo show in the Jealous East space, and like the previous show here, this is a coming together of two galleries once again, Smithson Gallery and Jealous Gallery, two very modern galleries, this is ail very much a case of now now now. I don’t like slick art, I don’t really like the cold hand of a graphic designer mascaraing as contemporary art on a gallery wall, I find myself not really liking a lot of the shows i see at jealous, I don’t really like straight lines and everything “perfect”, I really shouldn’t like Frea Buckler’s work, I really should hate everything about her and this. I love Frea Buckler’s work, I love her style, I love her sharp colour, I love her mass production, her purity, her formal abstraction, and I really do like her refreshing fridge-fresh crispness/ Mostly I love her high-key colour sense, her luminescent style and the interaction of it all, I like the precision, and the sense of experimentation that runs through it all, the hint of where it all might be going, the future possibilities, the things she might do next, Frea Buckler’s art excites me. I really shouldn’t like this, I really should intensely dislike it, I should at least be bored by it, I really should be walking out of the very slick gallery in search of a drip or a hint of imperfection or the smell of an artist’s fallibility, I should dislike everything about this over-slick art and this show in this space with these attitudes – I love it, I love her decision making, I love the way one experiment leads to the next one, I love that she leaves us wanting more, wanting to see where it might go next time, I really shouldn’t do but I really really do like Frea Buckler’s art. .


Frea Buckler, Polychrome at Jealous, East London, May 2019

And yes, I should have said all this weeks ago when the show was still on at Jealous East, hey I’ve been busy, battles with fruit and those artist’s fallibilities and such. The show is still on though, moved to Jealous North now and there until June 30th. Frea Buckler and Smithson are also at this year’s Art Car Boot Fair, you find all that at kings Cross on the afternoon of Sunday June 23rd. Yes, I should have posted this weeks ago, no one’s perfect (sw)


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