ART CAR BOOT FAIR PREVIEW Pt4: Chips or Joan Jett, next Sunday’s burning question…


Like we said a couple of days back, we really are in the zone now, the 2019 Art Car Boot Fair happens this Sunday, and like we also said already, those in charge of the boots have pulled together an exciting line-up of artists again this year, names you’ll know, names you might not have come across yet. .It all happens next Sunday afternoon, Sunday June 23rd, over in Kings Cross, London NW1 and like we’ve also already already said several times (already) on these fractured pages, it is one of the highlights of the London art year. In the week leading up to this year’s event we’re taking a look at one or two of the artists you might want to look out for on the day…


Emma Harvey – Joan Jett or Chips? June 2019

The burning question, is it a question of love? The burning question is the question of Chips or is it about that one time Runaway Joan Jett? With 2019 being the Love Edition of the Art Car Boot Fair the question is who or what do you love most, Joan Jett or Chips? Is it all about not caring about her reputation?


Artist, mostly painter, Emma Harvey loved to let her hair down once a year for the Art Car Boot Fair, in past years we’ve seen her Art Tarts, her Ponies, her Riot Grrrl paintings, her referencing of Bikini Kill or Seven Year Bitch her ribbon paintings, her reclaiming of feminist reclaiming of pornography on old 78 records, this year she say she thought about the question of love and does she love chips more than she loved Joan Jett? A perfectly reasonable question of course,, she failed to bring up the question of Currie sauce with the chips, do love those chip prints, it really is a tough question, why does art have to ask these difficult questions.


Emma Harvey – Joan Jett or Chips? June 2019

I believe these limited edition lithoprints will be on sale at a very reasonable £10 each on the day directly from Emma – that’s one of the many beautiful things about the Art Car Boot Fair, you get to buy directly from the artists, you get to meet them and maybe ask question like Tribe 8 or chocolate? Cherrybombs or Paula Rago? Can I have three prints for £20. See you on Sunday…


The Art Car Boot Fair happens this Sunday afternoon, For full line up details as well as ticket informations head over to

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