ORGAN THING: Miss Red shares a video for ‘Prayers’, a different dimension this time, not so much of her fiery dancehall toasting, we do like Miss Red, we like her style, we like the way she does things…


Now you know already if you’ve been paying attention that is, that we like Miss Red and her fiery dancehall toasting, she does her thing with a style that’s all of her own, Prayers is a little different though, a slight different dimension, I rather like it, it adds to clarity and the power of it all, we like Miss Red lots. ‘Prayers’ features not the fiery dancehall toasting, nor the darkly menacing lullaby style, or the post-apocalyptic dub dread for which Miss Red is commonly known, but instead is a haunting ambient piece, with cavernous reverb that’s sonically closer to the likes of Tim Hecker or Fennesz. Barely-there whisps of vocal tones float like smoke in the air, used as another form of subtle colouration, rather than something literal and prominent”.

Watch the video here


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