ORGAN PREVIEW: The Mayfair Art Weekend is almost upon us again, the green balloons, the Friday night Hop, loads of art to explore in the West end this weekend…


The Mayfair Art Weekend is almost upon us again, the now annual event that’s alive with late night galleries, weekend events, with paint, with talks, with the Friday evening Gallery Hop around the Mayfair and St.James area of London’s West End, actually the West End doesn’t really do late nights, be warned, you have to be quick, 6pm until a rather frustrating 8pm, which for those of us who do actually work regular hours and then have to get into the West End, leaves us with very little time on the opening Friday night when the Gallery Hop is going on, more of a sprint to beat the clock than a hop really. The Hop (silly name) is rather good though, and it has to be said, you get a more friendly attitude than you tend to in the often aloof East End – okay, so I admit, the last time we were in the West End a couple of weeks back they wouldn’t let us in at the Gazelli Art House, you don’t look like art people said the doorman in the penguin suit, but on the whole the Mayfair Art Weekend is a very friendly very welcoming event that’s alive with performance, installation, exhibitions, paintings, people, artists wanting to chat and yes, a friendly drink or two – “Explore the expansive offering of art across Mayfair & St James’s at the Mayfair Art Weekend Gallery HOP! taking place Friday 28 June, 6-8pm. Participating galleries throw open their doors and welcome you to enjoy a summer’s evening of art, hopping from gallery to gallery with Bird in Hand bubbles in hand”.

One of the things we really like about the Hop and the Weekend are the green balloons and the feeling that you are welcome, oh look, there’s another participating gallery, you spot them by the big green balloons tied up outside the spaces involved (well it was green last year, they might have a change of colour waiting for us this year), welcoming green balloons rather then the aloof is it or isn’t it a closed door gallery too-cool-to-have-a-sign attitude of Herald Street or places like The Approach here in the East. Last year there was loads to see before the 8pm cut off and yes there one or two spaces who stayed open a little later, there was some very enjoyable art, some very exciting art, some good chat, healthy discussion, debate… hey look, here’s some Organ coverage from last year

Here’s the official website that tells you lots more about what’s on and who’s open but all you really need to do is get to Mayfair and look for the balloons, the balloons will lead you to the art…


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