ORGAN THING: Journeying through the dreaming of England? Dry Cleaning? Pez? Miss Bugs? Spitting what on a Travel Lodge carpet? Sweet Princess?



Yeah, I know, back in a minute and all that, that was days ago. where were we? Journeying through the dreaming of England? Questioning it all somewhere in the Midlands? Spitting what on a Travel Lodge carpet? Didn’t make the Pez show, didn’t feel we desperately needed to, rather like that graphic style and that bold pop art repetitiveness out on the street but that Pez smiling has kind of being going on since 1999 and well, did we really need to go to the gallery show for the limited edition print that was probably being launched? Missed Miss Bugs as well, more pop art colour and slick slick colour and “stuff”, good “stuff” by the looks of things via the oh so vital social media feeds but “stuff” just the same, and it looked kind of good and who really cares what we had to say or not say and sorry Miss Bugs it wasn’t you, it was me and the depression of that Hackney Wicked group show and the damn security and the man in the silly trousers and no you can’t bring beer in, you have to drink our larger, no other options other then our sponsors half-arsed sawn-off tiny £3 cans of larger, that show really wasn’t the spirit of Hackney Wick or WickEd or anything we all once so loved about the place however hard the artists and the organsers were trying to evoke it. No, shouldn’t have taken part, should have made more of an effort to get to the Miss Bugs show or listen to the new album from that band, you know the one.

On edge all the time, just a saw tooth to keep me going and I didn’t say that, she did, whoever she is, and anyway it wasn’t the Travel Ledge, how dare you? Do like this, do like the delivery, never been to Leatherhead, never had a Walkman, do like this, do like her style, no idea who she is, these things just land in the in-box demanding attention and mostly not deserving or getting any, Dry Cleaning deserve attention, or at least this track does, or at least the words do, all about the words and the flow and the poetic beauty of it all, all that England’s Dreaming or shaking, Let England Shake. This is apparently a track from the forthcoming Sweet Princess EP. Do like the one about Megan as well, a smasher, perfectly suited to the roll, that’s as far as I’ve got so far, a perfectly manicured hand, an instant yes, attention grabbed, here it is, do what you will with it, Dry Cleaning, for what it might be worth, Organ Thing of The Day….






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