ORGAN THING: A rather tasty new Battles track and a “secret”free gig in London tonight…


Nothing is ever that square, would you be that bothered if the music stuff here got hit on the head? I mean, it is pretty much me doing it all, I do thing, the radio thing is something else, a different thing, there’s only so many hours that can be squeezed in to a day and the music has been taken over all those hours for way too many years now when it really should have all been about paint. Battles are playing a somewhat secret (free) gig in a London pub tonight though, I don’t have time to go myself, do like the new video thought. Accidentally made a cup of coffee when I really wanted a cup of tea, see, multi tasking, it just doesn’t work even if White Stripes were singing about one more coffee for the road just then, White Striped CDs are 20p each at the local Salvation Army shop, not decided if it was a 60p well spent yet?

Battles are playing that semi-secret free gig that was just mentioned up there at The Shacklewell Arms, it happens tonight, I do believe they kept is so secret that no one knew they had to go jump through hoops to get tickets and as a result there may be a few on the door. Wasn’t it The Police who once did a “secret” gig at the Marquee and kept it so secret that only six people turned up. Do recall no one listening when we were telling them Metallica were opening for Metal Churst at the Marquee that time, the best thing about that gig was the too cool for school people in the pub up the road in their Metallica t-shirts telling us they couldn’t be bothered with checking out support bands, the Marquee was at best half full and the looks on the faces of people coming from the Royal George just in time to catch the closing minutes were priceless, this was all back in the days before the web and texts and phones and all that though, Battle probably had a PR company who thought all they needed to do was spam out an e.mail and everything will magically happen. Anyway, you’re too late for all that ticket ballot bulpoop now but words is that you could stiill get in if you turn up early, “Battles will play a special free entry show at The Shacklewell Arms on Tuesday 13 August in support of their new album ‘Juice B Crypts’. Pre-order* ‘Juice B Crypts’ here via the Official Store or Bleep for a chance to get a pair of tickets to this event. Pre-order by 5pm on Friday 9 August to be entered into the ticket ballot. All UK purchasers will be entered into the ballot automatically and added to the BATTLES mailing list. Winners will be picked at random and emailed ticket redemption links for the show at 6pm on Friday 9 August – be sure to check your in-box (including spam folders!)”. Don’t you just hate all the marketing crap that comes with a gig or an art show these days, get on the -elist or you can’t come in even when the event is free, I hate all that crap on the opening night of an art show .. Do like Battles though, do like their new video, it doesn’t quite work in terms of music a visuals flowing together but it almost does, anyway, I don’t have time to go, other people around here do but I write pretty much everything on the Organ pages these days, she just does the radio thing so there probably won’t be a review or anything, is anyone that bothered about music reviews now? Here’s the new Battles video, their album was 20p in the Salvation Army as well, kind of like that video and Battles are sounding as fine as ever and….  Here’s the link if you need to know about the new Battles album and such



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