ORGAN THING: Kent-based post-hardcore 3-piece Dead Kaczynski, a tasty debut single or something like that…


Kent-based post-hardcore 3-piece Dead Kaczynski (pronounced Ka-Zin-Ski) release their debut single ‘Mr. Scratch’, taken from their forthcoming debut EP release, ‘Yakuza Attack Dog’, released 4th October on Skingasm Records, not sure how that works? What I think they mean is they’ve posted the first track on line, I don’t think I can go to Woolworths and buy a Dead Kaczynski record in a nice looking picture sleeve and take it home on the bus to my waiting record player can I?. I kind of like their noise, kind of heard it all before but new blood does need to flow, I can’t still be listening to Homage Freaks tapes in 2019. I’m not sure why we’re bothering with posting about music, new people need to be doing the writing about it as well, I do kind of think the time has come to knock all this music coverage on the head here at Organ, it has been half a bleedin’ wasted lifetime now, anyway, for what it might be worth, an e.mail from Dead Kaczynski landed in the overcrowded in-box, they sounded better than all the damn stuff the mainstream music industry PR companies were shoving at us today, here’s the Bandcamp, play and make up your own minds, I’m off to make another banana sandwich and paint another leaf..

For what it be worth, Here’s what the band have to say….

“Mr. Scratch is our set opener. We find it perversely funny to scream GO HOME at an audience. It’s about the kind of men who use pick-up artists and the weird practice of gamifying relationships.” The band was born from the ashes of Kent punk-scene favourites Wiremother and have quickly built a reputation for intense and ferocious live shows. Favourably compared to the likes of Metz, Pigsx7 and Part Chimp, they’ve graced the stages of Elsewhere Records, the legendary JT Soar and Unfest festival, on top of regular one-off gigs across the nation’s various DIY spaces. The EP derives its name from a peculiar scene in cult Japanese director Takeshi Miike’s film ‘Gozu’, whereby a Yakuza gang member is convinced a Chihuahua dog has been sent and trained to kill his boss. Much like ‘Gozu’, the EP focuses on undermining the false idols of toxic masculinity. Money-obsessed Brexit figureheads, unreliable fathers and so called pick-up “artists” come under fire, with each song delving into their paranoid and twisted logic in an attempt to ridicule and ultimately defang them. As the band put it “When you understand something fully, you can destroy it utterly. What do you mean we nicked that?” Recorded live in a day, the process was “Swift and utterly painless, like a French Revolution era beheading.” Production duties were left in the hands of Kent’s premiere noise capturer and master kazooist (look out for them on the EP), Greg Webster”.

Dead Kaczynski are:

Shareef Dahroug – Vocals/Guitar/Kazoo

Oliver Nissen – Bass/Vocals/Kazoo

Liam McCann – Drums/Vocals/No Kazoo
Upcoming gigs

6th September – Drakes, Make Some Noise, Maidstone
11th September – New Cross Inn, London
27th September – JT Soar, Buttonpusher, Nottingham
5th October – New River Studios, Zoofest, London
12th October – Billabong, Make Some Noise, Medway




Skingasm Records

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