ORGAN: R.I.P artist and “Roller King” Type…

You kind of hope these things aren’t true when they start circulating the web, the passing of the artist known as Type is being reported this morning though. Sad news indeed, my favourites were those giant central London pieces you could see boldly across the river from the opposite bank of the Thames, can’t put my hands on the photos right now but I will. Here’s something Dave Stuart aka No Lions In London posted earlier today –

“Deeply saddened to learn today of the untimely a passing of TYPE. As Doze said, the original roller king. I only had the pleasure of meeting him briefly a couple of times, his roller pieces when he ruled London were always breathtaking. Many examples of TYPE’s writing turned into my favourite photos and so often were included in the selection of photos I used to submit to #VNA mag. These photos can’t really do justice to how much he will be missed but hopefully they will give you a little insight into his awesome talent. R.I.P TYPE #rollerking”


Type, down bay the canal, East London (photo: Dave Stuart)




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