ORGAN THING: Post punk art rock band Drahla share a new single, a rather fine version of Psychic TV’s Godstar, hear it here…


“Leeds-formed post-punk outfit Drahla are embarking on their North American tour next week. Today, the band are sharing a special cover of Psychic TV’s classic track “Godstar”, listen to their infectious rendition here….” so read the press release, and indeed here it is and Indeed do have a listen, it is a rather fine version, do rather like “Leeds-formed post-punk outfit Drahla”. Kind of forgotten about them, forgotten we’d covered them before but that’s how it is these days of links and things that don’t really exist, records you don’t have to hand and such, I’d forgotten all about them actually, just used the search engine on the Organ site, seems we have covered them before. It was only the mention of Godstar that caught my roving eye this morning in there in amongst the hundreds of e.mails and demands for attention that arrive here on a daily basis, it was only that “Leeds-formed” thing that rang a bell and their Godstar is a rather beautiful thing and oh the tales we could tell of adventures and interviews and encounters with Psychic TV and that axe on the back of the door and the snake in the bathroom at Beck Road and that time when everyone got naked at the Astoria and that time with Webcore and the firebreathing at the Marquee where it seemed pretty clear their intention was to empty the venue aided by their weaponising of sound, they almost did it. No time today though, I got to go to Margate and Mrs Booth doesn’t have any rooms anymore, here’s “Leeds-formed post-punk outfit” Drahla’s rather fine version of Godstar, today’s Organ Thing of The Day, do enjoy it, clearly “Leeds-formed post-punk outfit” Drahla need to be explored a little more.. They’re off an a North American tour next week, I expect the dates are to be found via that link you just passed.  (sw)


And we really should leave a bit more Drahla here…




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