ORGAN: FRIEZE WEEK Part 4 – I don’t want to go to Chelsea…


Kembra Pfahler

Frieze week is here then, we’re back from the Seaside, we’ve just about recovered from the buzz of the latest Art Car Boot adventure in Margate, Frieze week is upon us, were getting bombarded with information and invites to press previews of this fair and that fair, the Other Art Fair, the British Art Fair, this thing, that thing, Roy’s thing, Moniker, actually looks like we’re not welcome at Moniker, apparently our previous reviews we’re “not what they were looking for”, no big loss, we had no intention of going all the way to Chelsea, we might have had a quick look if they hadn’t deserted Brick Lane, we’re not expecting anything more exciting than the disappointment we’ve found in the last couple of years at the very conservative “stuff” selling thing that is Moniker (and the memory of those damn railway tracks from a couple of years back still make us snigger). I’m sure they’ll all be “smashing it” again, things well be “the bomb” as they like to say in middle class street art circles – it isn’t street art! Don’t say that, they’re a serious Urban Art fair/ Nah, not being welcome at Moniker is no big blow, Street art or urban art or whatever you want to call it is frankly is getting to be far too much a sales room exercise, a coffee table book and a wall painted before the next limited edition print release. But hey, Frieze week is upon us, lots of small art fairs feeding off the Frieze frenzy, lots happening in London this week, lost track of them all, lost track of how many times we’ve been asked to write previews and features, lost track on how many times I’ve been asked if I wanted to take part and how much money they’re all asking us artists to shell out just to take part and hire a couple of inches of wall at one of these fairs – and that’s before we get to all the extras they want to fleece us for, you do know that want to you to pay extra to plug a light in or or use the toilet more than six times a day. Guess we could go look in that shop window in Croydon, but can we really be bothered? Nah, we’ll avoid all the others, we’ll stick to the overblown monster that is Frieze, shame there’s nothing happening anywhere near any central London underground car park this year, that looked promising a year or two back, Frieze it is, Kembra Pfahler is at Frieze.. (sw)

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