ORGAN THING: American who? Fertility Clown? More beautiful noise from the ever beautifully noisy Deathbomb Arc…


Organ Thing of The Day: “America F*ck is the product of living with toxic politics as the foreground; attempting to complete life’s menial tasks while filled with both rage and despair. ‘Fertility Clown’ calls upon the brash immediacy of 80s political punk, the swirling disembodiment of free jazz, shoegaze’s resonate escapism, and the grim despair of goth to create a set of emotional tones that simultaneously are cooperative and combative” or so says someone connected with thing Deathbomb Arc. It sounds like a decent enough post Frieze comedown while we collect our thoughts and look at that giant Shepherd Fairet out of the window,,, The whole bag of abrassive/soothing noise is available at a pay what you want price for now, not sure how long that is for…


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