ORGAN THING: Young knives return with a more experimental sound, hear their first new music in four years here…


A rather quick Organ Thing of the Day today for there are places to be and paint to throw and pizza boxes to wrestle, here”s the lazy cut ‘n paste of the press release, there’s the video, I like that sound, don’t particularly like the video, do like this latest slice of music though, do like the experimental edge, I don’t recall them being like this but then it has been some time, rather like it, like the flow, the texture

– “Young Knives today announce their first new music in four years, following the 2015 EP Something Awful and highly acclaimed 2013 album Sick Octave. New track Red Cherries emerges as quite possibly their most experimental work to date, accompanied with an intense video that puts bassist and vocalist Tom Bonsu-Dartnall front and centre of a brooding and unsettling scene. Tom sings something about cherries and the fading of the light. He’s in a darkened room, maybe a basement, with his head in a vice. About Red Cherries he says, “It is a lament to something all used up. The song is a simple melody set to a repeating scream and wild jazz drums”.” Red Cherries is available now to download and stream

Watch the video for Red Cherries


The band are also announcing their first London headline show since 2014, set for November 25th at The Lexington. Tickets are on sale this Friday October 11th at 10am. Young Knives are also headlining a stage at this month’s Ritual Union festival.

19th Oct – Ritual Union festival, OXFORD
25th Nov – The Lexington, LONDON

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