ORGAN: Five Art Things to check out – Andrew Logan & Jennifer Binnie, Mr Jago at Unit, Marton Nemes, Schalk van der Merwe at Nardia Arnold, Mexican street artist Saner at Dorothy Circus and an Extinction Rebellion Writers Marathon…



Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery, East London, October 2019

Five art things? We didn’t do it last week, last week Frieze week and all that art fair noise, the circus has left town, the mainstream media on the whole thinks art only happens for one week of the year so they’ve allgone as well, everything is back to something near as normal l can be now and we can get back to something like our near-normal service and  Five art things…

This admittedly rather fractured Five Art Things feature is intended as a regular, almost certainly weekly, or something like something near weekly, an almost  weekly round up of recommended art events, five shows exhibitions and things we rather think might be worth checking out. Mostly London for that’s where we currently operate and explore, and like we did say lat week (and the week before) with no claims that these are “the best five” or the “Top Five”, we’re not one of those art websites that ignore most things whilst claiming to be covering everything and proclaiming this or that to be the “top thing” or the “best thing”. this is simply just regular list of five or so art things coming up soon that we think you might find as interesting as we do…


Andrew Logan & Jennifer Binnie

1: Andrew Logan & Jennifer Binnie – Travels With My Friend at Gallery 286 – now the Binnie Sisters, either together or by themselves or with other people are always always wotth your time, if Jennifer Binnie is involved in a show then the show wil lbe well worth your time. Jonathan Ross has a gallery known as Gallery 286. The show actually opened yesterday, it goes on until October 30th, There’s a late evening opening on Thursday 10th October, best to head for the Gallery website for full details –

–  In 2002 Jonathan Ross invited Logan to be the Guest Curator of one of the Gallery 286 Christmas Shows in Earl’s Court, for which Andrew selected a group of artists including Jennifer Binnie.  Jennifer submitted a set of plastic hubcaps, which she had found on the road in Sussex where she lives, painted in the form of wildflowers from the area, and these proved to be a great success. As a result she has become a regular exhibitor at 286 with solo shows of her paintings in 2003, 2007 and 2016 as well as a group show of the Neo Naturists in 2012 with her sister Christine and Wilma Johnson, and numerous contributions to other group shows.  Over the years Logan’s unique style of jewellery, sparkling with mirrored fragments, thrift shop finds and all that glitters, has been a constant presence in the display cases at 286 where cognoscenti look forward to seeing what new treasures have arrived.

For this exhibition, Andrew has taken examples of Jennifer’s drawings and framed them in his inimitable style while, for her part, Jennifer has made new large scale paintings that incorporate some of Andrew’s jewels  as elements of the composition. Their styles compliment each other remarkably well and the resulting works are clearly the result of two artists who know and respect each other’s aesthetic approach and the iconography that they have developed as individuals over the decades of their friendship. Imagine one of Andrew Logan’s jewels scaled up from the size of your hand to the something large enough to hang above your bed, or one of Jennifer’s Sussex landscapes inhabited by a mirrored Unicorn, and you will get the picture.  Installed in the London townhouse where Gallery 286 has existed for over twenty years, Travels with my Friend will be an unforgettable experience for first time viewers of their work and a delightful rediscovery for those who already know it.  More info at


Mr. Jago

2: Mr. Jago – Rewild at Unit – “This October, Unit London presents a new exhibition by Bristol-based multi-disciplinary artist, Mr Jago. The private view takes place on 10 October 2019, 18:30 – 21:30 and the exhibition takes place on 11 October to 02 November 2019”, Okay, so Unit is a horribly slick space and they d ohave a dreadful habit of playing piped music over the two floors of their gallery but do put on a decent show or two (and they are directly over the street from Blain Southern and there is a rather good Michael Simpson show on there at the moment, so if you;re not one of those people who think everything is about te opening night then you can go in the daytime and catch them both)  .

“This October, Unit London presents a new exhibition by Bristol-based multi-disciplinary artist, Mr Jago. Through the artist’s distinct painterly style, which blurs the boundaries between graffiti, abstract expressionism, and contemporary modernism, Mr Jago’s large-scale textured canvases call into question and document the ongoing impact that humanity has on the environment. In ‘Rewild’, landscapes are reimagined, as if returned to a wild and self-willed state.  Mr Jago started his career in Bristol’s acclaimed graffiti scene, before honing his distinguished abstract gestural style. He draws on a wide range of influences, from the pioneering graffiti artist Futura 2000 to the Colour Field paintings of renowned Abstract Expressionist, Mark Rothko, alongside the palettes and application of Jules Olitski, Dan Chistensen and Albert Stadler. Mr Jago updates this aesthetic for the modern age, taking the idiom of spray painting to a level of sophistication rarely seen in the medium; there is maturity and depth to his use of colour that he uses to describe the natural world.  This exhibition focuses on the term ‘rewilding’, an environmental initiative which seeks to conserve, restore and protect natural processes and areas. In this latest body of work the artist is seen to ‘rewild’ his art, emphasising the freedom of expression and its connection to nature. In these dripped and splattered scenes, chaos and calm, doom and joy are conveyed in equal measure across surface and substance. While anxiety is undeniably a key source of their making, these works also represent a sense of hope that perhaps verges on a fantasy to escape. Rewild celebrates Mr Jago’s third solo exhibition with Unit London, following Nil in 2015 and Strata in 2018. It can be seen as both a continuation and transportation beyond his previous works, in much the same nature and spirit as the gallery’s own evolution, and indeed the pace of our modern Mr Jago, society and developing world today  Unit is at  3 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, W1S 1HD –


Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery, East London, October 2019

3: Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery –  Don’t let this one get lost in all the noise of Frieze week, Marton is an exciting artist, the show opened last week at the gallery on the Hackney Road and with n oapologies for repeating something from a few days ago on these fractured pages, There’s something very precise about these pieces, more precise that last time? Tighter? Just More? It feels like more this time around, everything turned up just a little bit more, if feels like a year has been well spent, this looks so good. You take a little gasp of breath as you reach the top of the gallery stairs – we’re upstairs above an uneventful red shop on the Hackney Road, a very very white walled gallery kind of hiding in plain sight up a flight of stairs – a little “yes” shouted internally as you get to the top of the stairs and turn for that first view of the room. These are very painterly pieces, bold pieces, exciting pieces, striking, an instant sugar rush of very very modern bright art. Tight construction rather than deconstruction, something very pinpoint about the way the parts of the “canvas” fit together, the feel of something carefully put together rather than pulled apart? Something architectural, exquisitely crafted, not a blemish on any of them, which is what the pieces really require, these pieces feel very much under control, and they look uncannily like they;ve been colour adjusted in Photoshop, saturated on Instagram, this is real life though, these are naturally over-saturated colours, brilliantly done, they really are this intense. . Do they have a look of 80’s graphics? Zolo, Memphis furniture, Memphis Milano? iD magazine, but they don’t feel like design, they are very painterly,  Annka Kultys Gallery is at 472 Hackney Road, London E2 9EQ. You find the space through the red door and up the stairs, right by the bus stop, just around the corner from Cambridge Heath station, the show is very highly recommended. The opening times are 12-6pm Thursday to Saturday (or by appointment), the show runs until November 2nd. Annka Kultys Gallery is always one to keep an eye on…



Schalk van der Merwe

4: Schalk van der Merwe – The Slow Disintegration of Sanity at Nadia Arnold –  a first London solo exhibition of South African artist Schalk van der Merwe. “The anonymous subjects painted by Schalk van der Merwe are a bold confrontation of the Self. They are strangely comforting, entangled in intimate sincerity that feels inexplicably important. Beyond layers of paint, charcoal, and turpentine, the portraits of van der Merwe appear to emerge from an internal state of becoming. A raw honesty that is metamorphic in nature, expressing an engaging tenderness. They are brutal as they are beautiful. The features are ambiguous and morph from immense beauty into utter despair, while underpinned with a tangible fragility, hidden beneath layers of emotion. These are visceral portraits inspired by a world in chaos, or an artist gone mad. Join us October 16th for the private view of Schalk van der Merwe’s solo-exhibition” The so called “private view” is on 16th October, 17:00 – 21:00 or 14 Oct 2019 – 20 Oct 2019. more details here,  Address: Nadia Arnold, 7 Club Row, Shoreditch, London, E1 6JX – more here



5: Saner : Lovers at Dorothy Circus  – “Dorothy Circus Gallery London is proud to present to its audience the solo show Lovers by the Mexican street artist Saner, aka Edgar Flores, exhibiting for the very first time in the UK.. Saner has gained international success thanks to his active role in the Mexican street culture and his participation in numerous projects across the globe. By questioning modern society, Saner’s art becomes universal and invites the viewers to improve themselves, both as an individual and as a society. Life appreciation for both the human life human beings the flora and fauna are a constant in the artist’s message. Deeply influenced by pop art, graffiti, painting and illustration, Saner will fill the gallery walls with a brand new series of 7 paintings, acrylic on canvas. With a bright and colourful palette, Saner thoughtfully borrows and assimilates symbolic and iconographic elements from Mexican folklore and customs, to investigate on the universal theme of love. Combining a strong social interpretation with a surreal mood and a veil mood, the art of Saner poetically addresses themes and issues of personal, urban and environmental development. Once again, Saner will remind us that only with love and self-appreciation we will be able to overcome the violence and the eternal struggle that characterise our modern society”. Dorothy Circus Gallery is at 35 Connaught Street, London, W2 2AZ. The show runs from October 10th until November 23rd with an opening night on the 10th, 6.30pm to 8.30pm –

And while we’re here, not strictly a visualart thing but hey….


WRITERS MARATHON, WRITERS REBEL at Trafalgar Square, London, 5pm until 11pm, Friday October 11th – This will be a unique literary event. Amongst the anarchy of the October Uprising, a small campaigning group of writers have created a literary marathon. Forty writers, many well known, will gather to each read, for five minutes, from poems and prose, about nature, ecology and the current climate crisis. These writers include: Ali Smith, Naomi Alderman, Chloe Aridjis , AL Kennedy, Helen Simpson, David Harsent, Daljit Nagra, Paul Farley, Glyn Maxwell, Susie Orbach , Philip Hoare, David Graeber, Owen Sheers, Simon Schama, Deborah Moggach, Leone Ross, Rachel Edwards, Anjali Joseph, Toby Litt, Matt Thorne, Greg Norminton, Tom Bullough, Naomi Ishiguru , Juliet Jacques, Will Eaves, Natalie Haynes, M John Harrison, Susana Medina, Irenosen Okojie , Romesh Gunesekera, Chris Beckett, Joanna Pocock, Robert McFarlane. Be there!  Facebook event page

oh and some advance warning, pizza box time is coming up, more on Can I get A Slive in a bit….

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