ORGAN PREVIEW: Just ICYMI, there’s a rather enticing Snik solo show opening in London’s Crypt Gallery later this week…


Snik and a pieces that lasted ten years before the wall finally came down

Monday morning, , if you want the Snik bit then cut to chase down there, we’re dealing with what’s  of what we have in Monday morning’s in-box? Well there’s hundreds of ICYMI messages from art people and even more from music people and those who think they’re arty music people cluttering up the Organ in-box, all those damn ICYMI messages that are stopping us getting to the new messages about new “stuff” we’re probably not interested in so you’re going to have to send us more in-case-you-missed-it messages in a couple of days about the new ones you sent today, and no, we didn’t damn well miss any of it, we do get to all the messages and we do listen to all the crap you insist we’ll like, do any of you music PR people ever look at what we actually cover on our fractured pages or indeed play on the radio show? Yes we did get the message (and the ICYMI message and the in case you missed the in case you missed it message and the other three you sent), we did get all five messages about it, it was just that it was some kind of synthetic auto-tuned insult that really wasn’t worth responding to. We got so much clutter in the in-box, every day it turns up, today we’ve had some tediously unadventurous self-proclaimed “neo-classical” piano blandness that back in the day would have been called musak and played in a lift – anything that happily proclaims itself to be “neo” anything needs taking out back and humanely crushed with a big red sledgehammer, and never never ever send us anything that claims to be neo prog! Porcupine Thief are anything but progressive,go away with your stolen pineapples and stop wasting our time!

Meanwhile the e.mail in box tells us the whole travelling art fair circus is off to France and we’re told this week “Paris is the new London”. All those business-of-art people off burning up more air miles and only ever wanting to talk about the price tag, a week and a day on, what is the carbon footprint of something like Frieze anyway? Really don’t get the impression that that question was on the minds of any of the galleries or art pimps involved in the whole never-ending circus of a thing?  So we’re all supposed to go to Paris this week then? Ah hell, for all the millions of things that are wrong with Frieze there was good art, if you can possibly strip the rest of it away it was good to go explore and stand in the room of Sterling Ruby pieces, it was good to explore the art and see what the galleries have to offer, which is more than we can say for what we’ve seen of the soul-sucking collective clusterflip of utter bullshit that is the Moniker Art Fair these days. Not that there aren’t occasionally good artists being shown by the galleries that take part in what these days is branded as some kind of “International contemporary urban art fair”, of course there are decent artists, lots of them  just the collective steaming pile of corporate horsepoop of it all that brings the art down to some kind of conservative level that reduces it to “stuff or “product” or some kind of horrible phrase like that . See now, Snik were at Moniker and it has to be said, A piece of Snik art, in the right place at the right time can be rather exciting, especially so when their art is out there decaying on walls, when those leaves are growing and those cracks are appearing. Now the idea of Snik at Moniker was not something to fire us up, the idea of the duo in the the damp and decay of the Crypt Gallery over King’s Cross is something that does entice and even though there’s been a deluge of slightly off-putting marketing on our social media feeds in the last week, we’re rather looking forward to seeing what they do with a solo show in a space like the Crypt…. (sw)

here;s some of the cut’n paste blurb about the forthcoming show direct from the horse’s mouths, thankfully without the Moniker poop…


“The British artist duo SNIK present EPHEMERAL, an exhibition of new works at The Crypt Gallery, London, running from 17- 20 October 2019 following a showcase at the recent Moniker Art Fair, London. Marking their first solo exhibition, the immersive show examines processes of beauty, creation and decay – considering the inevitability of ageing, and its potential for artistic renewal.  Comprised of artists Laura Perrett and Nicholas Ellis, SNIK’s mixed media works unite a background in handmade stencil creation, with a dedication towards Pre–Raphaelite ideals concerning nature, colour and movement. At the Crypt gallery, SNIK present their works in a decaying environment through which viewers must navigate: a backdrop of flowers, themselves in varying stages of decomposition. Set across three underground spaces, the first room presents vibrant multi-layer portraits executed through richly textured stencils, alongside installation images of SNIK’s high-profile international mural paintings. This is followed by a middle section progressing towards more muted single-layer figurative works, created across rusted and beaten panels of metal, as well as sculptures rendered in bronze. Reflecting the gradual ageing processes inflicted by outdoor elements, these works focus on the body and decay. The final room presents lightbox stencil projections bringing together motifs from some of SNIK’s most recognisable street works. Providing the room’s only light source, the black and white works appear ghostly in their surroundings. Representing both the bare bones of complete loss, whilst nodding towards the possibility of regeneration (themselves a recreation of SNIK’s previous works lost to time), the final sections ultimately ask the viewer to ‘hope in new works appearing out of the ashes and rubble of the past’.

SNIK comment:  ‘In our daily lives we chose to avoid closely considering things that are decaying or fading, affiliating it with death and loss. Here we show the process as a whole, and ask the audience to acknowledge the beauty in all stages. We hope if the viewer can learn to focus on and enjoy the process of life changing, and the slow decay of each artwork, they will discover new beauty and depths – thus giving it prolonged meaning, life and memory.’

Curator Yasha Young (formerly of Urban Nation Berlin), comments: ’It’s rare these days, in our high-speed, swipe fast society, to see artists making the effort to create a unique, multi faceted and multi sensory exhibition and experience for the viewers. SNIK’s holistic approach, from concept to execution, forces us to slow down and take time to take it all in; something we all need more of in the world of exhibitions and art.”

Address: The Crypt Gallery is at 165 Euston Rd, Bloomsbury, London, NW1 2BA  The show is open for 18th – 20th October 11am -7pm, (6pm Sunday) The so called private view: is on 17 October 6-9pm – RSVP ONLY via e.mail to hi at


Snik (and leaves, those leaves are important)




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