ORGAN PREVIEW: Deptford X kicks off today over in South London, the cutting edge arts festival is now twenty one years old, you know it makes sense to go have a look…


Deptford X kicks off today, “Deptford X is back for it’s 21st year! Join us for the festival launch on Friday 25 October from 6 – 9pm across all sites. Please see the website to download the guide”, if you haven’t looked in the last couple of says go have a look again there’s a whole new website with the full programme up there now., of if you do head over there then the festival Hub is at Deptford X HQ, 9 Brookmill Road, SE8 4H, the hub was great last year in terms of pointing the way to things going on….

“Stop Making Sense is the starting point for 2019’s Deptford X festival. It is a phrase borrowed from Talking Heads’ 1984 concert film of the same title and chosen for its pertinence to our contemporary moment. In all probability Deptford X will coincide with Brexit on 31 October; arguably a symptom of divided communities, unscrupulous politicking and media propaganda. This year’s edition of the festival, curated by Nathalie Boobis, features an extensive Fringe programme and a core programme of artists whose work challenges the shape, sense and authority of the social constructs that dominate our reality, revealing the so-called nonsense of humanity beneath—the laughter, play, irreverence and empathy that unite us.     Deptford X is London’s longest running contemporary visual arts festival. It was launched in 1998 as a free, annual, artist-led festival based in and around Deptford, South East London”.


“Deptford X 2019 features a core programme made up of Curated artists chosen by the festival director and Supported artists selected by open call. The festival’s uniquely unjuried Fringe programme remains and a community-led closing parade­—A Parade of Friendly Monsters—is another new addition”

The Fringe is the really interesting bit, the artist-led bit, rather than the more formal curated bit, art is always best when artists lead things rather than curators or committees, the Fringe is extensive go have a look, go explore, go engage, watch this space we’ll bring you more later…



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