ORGAN: Five Art Things To Check out – Can I Get A Slice at Atom Gallery, Nothing Is Square, My Dog Sighs at Nelly Duff, Howard Hodgkin, Susie Hamilton & Mimei Thompson at Transition, Chips, Starz, What Would Joan Jett Do?

Five art things? Five more art things? We didn’t do it last week, we try to do it most weeks and yes this admittedly rather fractured Five Art Things feature is intended to be a regular, almost certainly weekly, or something like something near weekly, an almost weekly round up of recommended art events/ Five shows, exhibitions or things we rather think might be worth checking out. Mostly London things for that is where we currently operate and explore, and like we did say last week (and the week before), these five recommendation come with no claims that these are “the best five” or the “Top Five”, we’re not one of those art websites that ignore most things whilst claiming to be covering everything and proclaiming this or that to be the “top seven things” or the “best thing this weekend”., no, this is simply a regular list of five or so art things coming up soon that we think you might find as interesting as we do, five art thing in no particular order…


1: Can I Get A Slice? at Atom Gallery, London N19 – Opening night Friday 1st November – Atom has invited more than 50 artists to paint, print, spray or draw on empty pizza boxes which will be sold to raise funds for Hackney Foodbank.  There will be new and unique works by Pure Evil, Rob Ryan, Magda Archer, Supermundane, Heath Kane, Donk, Carrie Reichardt, Jessica Albarn, Emma Harvey, Quiet Brttish Accent, Sean Worrall, Twinkle Troughton, Saki&Bitches, The Misfortune Teller, Skeleton Cardboard, Ryan Callanan and many, many more – see the graphic up there for the full list of artists. “Come early if you’re interested in buying one of the pieces – we expect many to sell fast!” so say the Atoms. Friday November 1st is the opening night party thing to which “all are welcome, whether you’re interested in buying or just want to show your support for this very deserving cause!”, the show then runs until November 23rd, Atom Gallery is at127 Green Lanes, London, N16 9DA – Facebook event page.


Susie Hamilton & Mimei Thompson

2: Susie Hamilton & Mimei Thompson, Grub Party at Transition Gallery – The preview is on Friday evening, 1st November 6.30 to 8.30pm – I like Transition in their new street level open door space, far more welcoming and friendly than things were when they were hiding up on that tower block, there was a rather stand out show  from Augustine Carr and Neal Rock recently. “Grub Party’ brings together the paintings of Mimei Thompson and Susie Hamilton and refers to their images of hatching, breeding and changing. The exhibition is a selection of their paintings and drawings of hybrid and biomorphic life whose generative and writhing energy suggests a festive, carnivalesque fecundity. It also shows their different engagement with the metamorphic stuff of paint. Their techniques are very different with Mimei’s intricate compositions of the microcosm made in oil and Susie’s rapid images of figures and creatures made in acrylic, but they share an engagement with the alchemical unpredictability of the painting process to create images that are themselves about process and transformation.  For the current series of works,

Mimei Thompson has taken in references including 17th century Dutch still life, the work of early naturalists, such as Maria Sibylla Merian, and Japanese ikebana. She is looking at the dramas of metamorphosis in nature, as an analogy for the mutability and interconnectedness of all life, as played out on a tabletop scale”.

Susie Hamilton’s work has been consistently based on the theme of mutation, her figures morphing into the non-human and abstract. Her recent work, based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, clearly foregrounds this topic since Ovid’s characters are acutely vulnerable to transformation through the power of nature and the overarching activity of gods who can transform themselves and all creation into ‘bodies new and “strange’. In ‘Grub Party’ Susie is showing drawings and paintings relating to Ovid’s hectic, interrelated world of divinities, people, animals, insects and plants”. You find Transition Gallery at 110a Lauriston Rd, London E8 4QN, just off the roundabout behind the row of shops opposite the Lauriston. The show is on from 2 – 24 November 2019 (preview – Friday 1 November 6.30-8.30pm, Gallery open Friday-Sunday 12-6pm   Facebook event page


Howard Hodgkin

3: Howard Hodgkin: Strictly Personal (Part I) – It really shouldn’t need a mention from us but hey – ‘Howard Hodgkin: Strictly Personal’ is a retrospective survey of prints by Sir Howard Hodgkin (1932 – 2017) on display at Cristea Roberts Gallery from 31 October until 21 December 2019. “Hodgkin first made prints in the 1950s, working consistently in the medium, alongside painting, until his death in 2017. This exhibition will cover the breadth of Hodgkin’s career, drawing from important examples, in technique and subject matter, which were made with some of the most prestigious workshops and print publishers in the world. During his lifetime Hodgkin made over 120 prints with publisher Alan Cristea, the vast majority of which will be exhibited. Howard Hodgkin: Strictly Personal will be split into two parts, paying tribute to Hodgkin’s extraordinary achievement in printmaking”. Cristea Roberts Gallery is at 43 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5JG

And yes we are going blow our own trumpets, if you don’t like well then tough..


4:  Harvey and Worrall – Chips, Starz, What Would Joan Jett Do? – November sees the third Cultivate Columbia Road Takeover at East London’s rather well proportioned Shipton Street Gallery.  The gallery, in a former greengrocer’s shop by Columbia Road, the Flower Market and everything that that involves and this time the month-long November takeover of the space kicks off with a two day weekend show from Cultivate founders Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall.

Harvey and Worrall – Chips, Starz, What Would Joan Jett Do? will open on Saturday November 2nd and close on Sunday November 3rd, 11am until 5pm on both days – This year Emma Harvey has been playing with her riot grrrl flavours a little more, following on from last year’s Seven Year Bitch referencing “I Saw it First,I Want it Worse” show in the same venue, a show that saw Emma exhibit 43 paintings of riot grrrl and female punk bands  – this year she’s been playing with her pop art punk rock print making side, her Joan Jett or Chips piece at this year’s Art Car Boot Fair that leads directly to her asking just what Joan Jett might do at this show…… The rather beautifully handmade sets of limited edition prints have been evolving alongside her continued exploration of very personal, very painterly things, her evolving series of circle paintings that she says are gathering for a future solo show. I think there’s been something like twenty of the circle paintings now, they’ve been emerging at shows over the last couple of years.  Meanwhile to compliment Emma’s Joan Jett punk rock flavours I may well dig into the Organ archive from the fanzine/record label days for a piece of art or two to hang next to more of the recent fruit paintings that have been emerging this year since that market trader on Ridley Road threw that lemon back in January.  Actually we have almost two weeks to go yet, we don’t know what we’re going to hang for the weekend yet, we have thirteen days to go before the doors open on Saturday morning, we have plenty of time to select work, make more work and maybe invite a guest artist or two to come join us.


Harvey and Worrall – Chips, Starz, What Would Joan Jett Do? will run for one weekend only, we’re hanging it on the Friday afternoon, then we’re off to Atom Gallery for the opening night of the Can I Get a Slice Hackney Foodbank benefit show, then we shall be back to Columbia Road and Shipton Street Gallery for the short sharp two day weekend show, it will all come down at the close of play on Sunday so we can hang the second of three shows that will make up the latest Cultivate November Takeover    Emma Harvey’s limited edition prints including some new ones that will be seen for the first time at the show will be on same over the weekend at just £10 each, Sean Worrall will have some new painted vinyl pieces priced at just £5 for the weekend as well as a number of very reasonably priced freshly painted still-life fruit studies and maybe one or two old Organ treasures dug out from the corner of the studio…   Shipton Street Gallery is at the top end (the Hackney end) of Columbia Road on Shipton Street, London E2 7RZ. Facebook event page

4b:  Cultivate presents Nothing Is Square – Opening on Thursday evening November 7th, the second part of the Columbia Road Takeover, everyone welcome, none of that get on a list or give us all your details so we can market at you nonsense (but if you do wish to be on our mailing list then here it is). Entry is free, just turn up, bring some drink if you wish, drink ours if we still have some…..


Nothing is Square will open on Thursday November 7th (6pm until 9pm) as part of the next Cultivate Columbia Road Takeover at Shipton Street Gallery, Columbia Road, East London. Everything will be square, all about squares, squares of art, all uniform. What the invited artists do within those squares is really up to them. The square will be a canvas, 20cm x 20cm x 1cm, we want every canvas to be EXACTLY the same in terms of dimensions.  There is no theme besides the square, the square is the theme, the squares will unite the art in the show, besides the square and everyone working on the same size canvas, there are no other rules We’ve invited artists, once again we’ve been very very (very) picky in terms of the artists we invite to take part, this isn’t a free-for-all, we are very selective, but once an artist is invited then what they do with 20cm square is really up to them. We anticipate a healthy mix of contemporary painting, abstract goodness, figurative warmth, a touch of forward looking pop, maybe a street art flavour or two (carefully avoiding the street art clichés of course),   All work will be on sale at what we think will be an affordable price to most, the hang will be busy, expect around 90 pieces of art  Opening night Thursday November 7th and then the show will run until Sunday November 17th.   CONFIRMED ARTISTS  ANITA KUTSAROVA, DAY BOWMAN, EMMA HARVEY, JAMES BELL, JAMES JOHNSTON, JOHN GATERCOLE, JOSEPH SAKOILSKY, KELDA STORM, MADELEINE STRINDBERG, MANDEE GAGE, MARY T SPENCE, MATT ATKINS, MIA-JANE HARRIS, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, SAL JONES, SEAN WORRALL, STEFDIES, STEPHEN HARWOOD, SUSIE HAMILTON, SUZIE PINDAR (aka The Naked Artist), TONY BERKMAN, TRIBAMBUKA, TWINKLE TROUGHTON, VESNA PARCHET and YULIA ROBINSON. Shipton Street Gallery is at the top end (the Hackney end) of Columbia Road on Shipton Street, London E2 7RZ. Facebook event page


My Dog Sighs

5: My Dog Sighs – Crylong  at Nelly Duff – And rather fittingly on the same night that a Cultivate show opens on Columbia Road so does a show from old Cultivate friend My Dog Sighs, A stone-throw or maybe a can=throw away from Nothing is Square on the evening of November 7th (6.30 – 8/30pm)   “This November we are excited, scratch that, over the moon to invite you the first ever show at Nelly Duff from the incredible and internationally revered UK artist My Dog Sighs. Based in Southsea (on the south coast of the UK for non-UK residents/our geographically challenged friends) his totally unique and unmistakable style has lead to a devoted, worldwide following that has resulted in countless sell-out editions and landmark shows. A force of overwhelming positivity, vibrance and creator of emotionally touching works, MDS will charm you into submission.   The bedrock of any street artist’s passion is the thrill of the painting itself, pressing the nozzle and watching a stream of coloured paint turn dull brick into a vast canvas – and of course none of that would be possible without the can itself. Under the influence of the acclaimed street art photographer Martha Cooper in the 80s, a young My Dog Sighs studied and became enthralled by these incredible feats of outdoor artistry, and importantly these magical spray cans. Established in 1947 in the US, Krylon’s iconic branding and cutting edge colour technology quickly proved itself as the weapon of choice for street artists.  Combining of his most vehement passions, can-art, repurposing materials and the Krylon brand – My Dog Sighs has created a new and exciting exhibition that embodies his most celebrated attributes in a dazzling and charming way”   krylon? Any self-respecting painter who grabbed that life-changing Martha Cooper book back in the mid 80;s knows it was all about Halford’s own brand and getting past the questions about how come you needed so many colours to respray a car? Anyway, two shows for the price of one close by each other on an East London street, almost like the old days, Crylong will run at the Columbia Road gallery up above the shop ..  The opening night is the 7th, the show then runs until November 14th at Nelly Duff, 156 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG

And also, while we’re here,Sunday December 1st at the Workshop, London SE1, The Art Car Boot Fair presents Prêt-à-Accrocher – “We’re delighted to announce a special pre-Christmas event with a stellar selection of artists including Gavin Turk, Kristjana S Williams, Polly Morgan, Pure Evil, Chris Moon, Smithson Gallery, Jealous Gallery, Dan Baldwin with Art on A Postcard, Ben Eine and 50 or so more” Tickets are on sale now



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