ORGAN THING: It was 33 years ago today, we know, we just looked it up, Hawkwind, ambulances, smoke machines, spray paint…


Harvey and Worrall – Starz, Chips, What Would Joan Jett do? – Shipton Street Gallery, Columbia Road, East London, November 2019 – Sean Worrall

Back in the saddle again, did you miss us? Did you notice? Would you mind if we hit it on the head? If the internet it correct then the beast called Organ was birthed in the back of an old army ambulance outside a Hawkwind gig in Guildford, it was 33 years ago today, In a fog of smoke machines, blue lights and sirens in the car park at the Civic Hall just before the Babysitters opened for those Hawks. We’ve told the tale before, it only just occurred to me that Organ was 33 today. Organ issue one, a hundred photocopied A5 zines all in hand screen printed hand painted covers, we took 50 of them to the gig, they sold our very very quickly, 50p each, Interviews with Cardiacs, Twelfth Night, Zodiac Mindwarp and more, people being picky about the covers and which one they wanted, we took the other 50 and the ambulance to the Reading Hexagon a couple of days later and then went off and photocopied two hundred more. The police trashed the ambulance a little while later, well he did have a habit of driving around with the siren and lights on an a smoke machine running inside, it was the days of the convoy, the police had a thing for trashing old buses or ambulances. it was a time when you expected to be sold a zine at a gig, you were disappointed if you didn’t come home with a zine you bought off someone who came up to you selling one at a gig, that or a cassette from a hopeful band or two. Organ evolved as a printed zine, a glossy magazine and all kinds of different formants for some 25 years, one was printed on a t-shirt, several came out on cassette, along the way it because a TV show (way way before YouTube and such), a record label, a time eating monster of a record label, it evolved and branched out on line, a website, a blog, hundreds of gigs (maybe thousands?), it sill happens here, it happens on the radio, it evolved and branched out as Cultivate, sometimes we fall out of the saddle, ;last week we were stupidly busy with the the final throws of the Cultivate Columbia Road takeover and even more stupidly busy with the Art Car Boot Fair thing – you see, that’s the thing, there’s never enough time for this Organ thing…. More in a moment… maybe…. (we were a month out with those 10th birthday gigs at the Astoria, no one noticed)


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