ORGAN THING: A Monday Fugue because we all know Boris Johnson is a lying sh…

Otgan Thing of The Day? We’ll just park this here while we think about getting back in the saddle again…

We’ll be back in a moment, meanwhile do the right thing on Thursday….

“He’d have you believe he can be trusted with the NHS… …trusted to deliver Brexit… …trusted to safeguard a livable climate!… (remember when he conspired to get a journalist beaten up?) VOTE!! and you can also support UK organisations who advocate for a more humane society and habitable planet, the opposite of Johnson and his ilk, e.g.: Reclaim the Power (a direct action network fighting for social, environmental and economic justice, with particular recent focus on anti-fracking) Disabled People Against the Cuts Keep Our NHS Public Fugue in 6 parts on an original subject With thanks to all the musicians who made this possible, not all of whom wished to be credited: Soprano: Amy Price, Amy Summers Alto: Giverny McAndry, Lizzy Hardy, Esmée Loughlin-Dickenson, x Tenor: Sam Barton, x Bass: Toby Hession, Jack Lawrence-Jones, x Flute/recorder: Juliet Evans, x Violin: Alex Tay, x, x, x, x Viola: Julia Palmer, Mabon Llŷr, x, x Cello: x, x Double bass: Andrea di Biase”


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