ORGAN THING: Stik’s people warn of Stik fakes, the street artist has warned that a number collectors have been offered fake or imitation artworks…

it would appear, according to Stik’s people, that a number of Syik collectors have been offered fake or imitation Stik artworks on canvas. “These appear to be the work of one producer and are being offered for sale at around £7,000. There are reports of collectors being asked for or losing deposits of £3,500 for artworks that have subsequently been found to be fake during the course of the transaction. If you or anyone you know are offered or have been offered what are suspected to be fake Stik artworks please contact studio at or the police with crime reference number NFRC191003283143”

There you have it, news reported, check where those pieces of art have come from, don’t be fooled now. Of course I could come in with some editorial comment about the art market and prices and questions about why artists make art and why people pay these prices in the first place, today though, I shall just report the facts, and the fact seems to be that people are being duped by people faking a Stik or two. faking a Stik is probably a little more difficult than you think, there’s always a little something in there with the emotion of genuine a Stik piece…

Here;s a real Stik, the Stik in Sky as locals here in Hackney called it before the chimney got bought up by someone wanting to turn the Hackney building in to an “art centre” and had the “graffiti” cleaned off.  We miss the beacon that was the Stik in the sky,, the removal a few years ago now was very symbolic. Nothing much in terms of actual art has happened in that space since it was taken over and “cleaned up”, if you look closely you can just about see where it once was, very symbolic…. (SW)


Stik in the sky, Mare Street, E8 (SW)



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