ORGAN THING: A wholesome slice of unsettling Doomsday Student Christmas goodness – unsettling lyrics, hysteric guitars and irregular rhythms resonate…


Organ Thing of The Day, a seasonable throwback to 2016 and a slice of Christmas goodness or something like that from Skin Graft stars Doomsday Student

“Doomsday Student are Eric Paul, Stephen Mattos, Craig Kureck, and Paul Vieira. With members culled from the ranks of Arab on Radar, The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton and Chrome Jackson, the level of dissonance, mania, and peculiarity thoughtfully melded into every layer of their music is not particularly surprising to the already enlightened. Doomsday Student’s unsettling lyrics, hysteric guitars and irregular rhythms resonate as obnoxious to those who seek the obvious but are music to the bloodied ears of those looking for a higher, wilder truth. The band has performed alongside and befriended Retox, Guerilla Toss, Child Bite, Cellular Chaos, Head Wound City, White Mice and Graf Orlok, among many others.

Doomsday Student’s 2016 third album, “A Self-Help Tragedy”, released through the cooperative efforts of Three One G and SKiN GRAFT Records, unwraps like an exorcism, and hits like a nervous breakdown – full of anxiety-inducing guitar wails, curiously plucked patterns, raucous rhythms, and lyrics that read as personal anecdotes and confessions. Listening to tracks such as “Fight and Flight” is like being let in on vague, dirty secrets, decidedly taciturn even in their blunt forthrightness”.


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