ORGAN THING: We’re rather enjoying New York’s Leya at the moment, here’s something they’ve just done with Eartheater…


Organ Thing of The Day: We’re rather enjoying Leya at the moment, they seem to like capitalisation, we’ll indulge them while we share another peice of music, a track from an EP called Angel Lust that cane out right at the very end of last year. . Angel Lust is a collaborative EP between NYC-based artists Eartheater and LEYA. A follow-up to their track, “666,” on LEYA’s 2018 release “The Fool,” “Angel Lust creeps deeper into their shared vision. LEYA’s shadowy instrumentation of de-tuned harp and layered electric violin is skated by Eartheater’s vacillating, ethereal vocals. All four songs sparkle in-bristled intensity delivering an unmistakable sound from artists pushing the visceral edge of songwriting”. You can get hold of the release here

PREVIOUS COVERAGEORGAN THING: New York’s Leya subvert the academic and classical connotations of their instruments, instead reframing them in a DIY punk ethos, Dos Monos are a Japanese/Korean hip hop trio hailing from Tokyo…


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