ORGAN THING: Penny Rimbaud features on split single celebrating fiftieth release on God Unknown Records…


Organ Thing of Day: God Unknown Records celebrate the fiftieth release on their rather fine, rather proper label with a four-track split seven-inch vinyl (and digital release) which includes a collaboration with Penny Rimbaud. A three-hundred copy limited vinyl edition, presented in a die-cut sleeve, has been released; along with a streaming and download version – all of which can be accessed or ordered through the God Unknown Records’ Bandcamp page

The four track EP features the following

A. KILL LIFE – Us Boys (Dwid Hellion from INTEGRITY / Penny Rimbaud from CRASS)
B. CASUAL SECT – From Here to Insanity (Dethscalator / Left Hand Cuts off Right / Bruxa Maria members)
C. MELTING HAND – 7th God (Terminal Cheesecake / Gum Takes Tooth / Bong members)
D. KLÄMP – Shoes (Manatees / Geisha / Mugstar / Sex Swing / Pulled Apart By Horses members).

This information comes to you via the excellent blog known as The Hippies Now Wear Black where they focus on this anarcho punk flavoured from the period of 77 to 84 and news of what some of those people from back there are doing now, Subhumans, Cravats, Zounds, Crass and such….


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